On this section you will find a few recurrent inquiries from our user community and contact sections that somehow keep finding their way into our inbox or we find the information to be valuable enough to put to good use in our website. We consolidate them all into one comprehensive stream of information. That is what this section is about: our frequently asked questions.

  1. Does the name “Masta” have anything to do with any discriminatory or racist term?

    The term “Masta” is a shorthand for “Master”, referring not the person who enslaves or condemn. Rather, we refer to the term as the person who is qualify to teach or expert of a certain skill. The term “Masta” can be misleading because it is not a word you might come across in a dictionary.It is a colloquial term used in vernacular english, mostly by African-American people. Here we have to energetically emphasize we don’t intent to use the term in a discriminatory or defamatory manner, never to express racial superiority.