A complete review of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair

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The mid-range Corsair TC100 Relaxed chair is a great option with a fair price that doesn’t compromise on its high-quality and comfortable fabric and synthetic leather finishes, ergonomic design, and overall quality. The chair has a sporty look with a combination of gray and dark tones, making it perfect for both gaming and office use. Additionally, the chair features 10 cm height adjustment, reclining backrest, sturdy 2D armrests, and firm cushions.

Design and construction

Corsair TC100 Relaxed is the fourth addition to the Corsair chairs collection, and it’s the most affordable option yet, yet still a great gaming chair. The chair’s dimensions are suitable for most users, and its finishes are of high quality.

The chair comes in four different models, two of which are finished in synthetic leather or polyurethane, and the other two finished in fabric, which is similar to a sofa. The fabric option is great for warm areas as it’s more breathable. The chair is available in a combination of gray and black colors, making it an elegant option for use in the office as well.

Legs and wheels

One area where the Corsair TC100 Relaxed could improve is in the support base. The chair’s support base is made of rigid plastic, which is less durable than metal. While the plastic base is strong and rigid, placing your feet on it may cause it to wear out faster over time compared to a metal base.

The chair has a typical 5-point star base design with multiple details and edges on the legs that cannot be replicated in a metal finish. The arms and central area are reinforced with cross-type ribs to withstand weight, leaving holes for the wheels to snap on the ends.

The wheels are made of plastic and have a diameter of 65 mm with a unique radio-type design. The wheels roll independently using a common axis, and their rotation is not completely free, with some of them showing resistance in the axis to limit the speed of movement. The steel shaft with a pressure washer on the plastic base allows for free orientation rotation. However, the construction has an advantage over metal as it will not generate creaks or squeaks when the joints are not lubricated.

Gas cylinder and movement mechanism

The Corsair TC100 Relaxed features a steel cylinder with a class 4 gas system and a mechanism at the top for height adjustment, allowing for a range of 10 cm. This range is suitable for people of medium to low height, both women and men, with a seat height range of 45 to 55 cm.

The chair has a butterfly or basic generic version of a seat locking mechanism, which has a narrow hinge integrated under the support and only one lever. It has an approximate tilt range of 0 to 14 degrees with adjustable spring hardness and allows locking only in the initial position by pushing the lever inward. While we prefer the version with adjustable tilt, the basic version is an acceptable option for a chair that costs less than €250.

Backrest design and cushions

The backrest design of the chair features a competition bucket seat sports design with a wide headrest, holes in the neck area, and shiny black plastic finishes. The brand’s logo is embroidered in thread, and the maximum seat height is 81 cm.

The backrest design of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed chair features wide side flaps for the shoulder area, gradually narrowing down towards the bottom, with a usable area of 33 cm in the backrest. The central area has honeycomb embroidery and a secondary color area in the center.

A complete review of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair

The exterior finish of the fabric version is soft with a texture similar to that used by most sofas or armchairs, generating different shades of gray and black, making it an elegant option for office use. The fabric finish is also recommended for warm areas as it offers better breathability than synthetic leather. The polyurethane finish, on the other hand, uses perforated areas to improve breathability.

Inside the backrest, there is a block of high-density foam along with harnesses in the back area that maintain firmness with the steel frame. Although the cushion is comfortable and firm enough, it is not very thick, which is noticeable when compared to more expensive chairs.

The chair also comes with two cervical and lumbar cushions made of the same fabric as the chair. The cervical cushion is useful with quick anchoring strap attachment and synthetic cotton filling. The lumbar cushion is comfortable only when the backrest is straight and is filled with a foam block. Neither of the cushions uses memory foam, so they are quite ordinary.

Seat and armrests

The Corsair TC100 Relaxed seat has a sporty format with side ears separated from the main cushion, which creates a gap on both sides where dirt may accumulate. The seat is 38 cm in total depth, with a width of 54 cm and a useful distance of 36 cm.

The seat is wide in terms of width, but with little depth, which may limit the maximum height or size of the user, as bulky people may find this chair too small. The central cushion is a bit thinner than expected, although it is firm and comfortable. The chair has a metal frame with a wooden base, which may deform with humidity or improper use.

The armrests of the chair are fixed by four screws to the base of the seat and provide 2D mobility, allowing for adjustment in height and depth. This mechanism is sufficient for most users and provides greater firmness in the armrests. The armrests offer a padded and ergonomic polyurethane surface that is quite comfortable for the arms.

Assembly and final appearance

Corsair does not include an assembly guide for the Corsair TC100 Relaxed, which may be problematic for users who are not skilled in assembling chairs. However, the assembly procedure is straightforward, starting with assembling the wheels on the base, followed by attaching the seat mechanism and armrests. Then, the gas cylinder and cover are placed, joining the base and seat, and finishing with the backrest. The threaded holes of the backrest do not have a metal finish, but the edge of the fabric has been burned to prevent fraying, which is essential for durability.

A complete review of the Corsair TC100 Relaxed gaming chair

Final thoughts about the Corsair TC100 Relaxed

In conclusion, the Corsair TC100 Relaxed is a balanced option for the mid-range with fabric finishes that are almost at the level of the T3 Rush, which is a high-end chair with synthetic leather variant and dark finishes suitable for both gaming and office use. Overall, the chair’s main strength is its elegant finish and design, making it a great choice for users looking for a comfortable and stylish chair.

The Corsair TC100 Relaxed adapts well to the contours of the body and offers great comfort in the back and head for someone with normal height. The side ears hold the lumbar area well, and the internal filling is firm yet comfortable. The chair does not sink easily, providing peace of mind in terms of durability, especially in the seat to avoid touching the board.

However, the backrest is a bit thin, and it is difficult to estimate its long-term comfort. The plastic legs are not as preferred as metal ones, which offer more stability. The armrests are comfortable and firm, and the 2D adjustment is sufficient for a good fit. Overall, the chair is suitable for users looking for comfort and durability, but the thin backrest and plastic legs may raise concerns for some.

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