FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W PSU review

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We bring you today the review of the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W, the newest release from one of the most prominent power supply brands like CWT and Seasonic. It is important to note that the GT Pro model is different from the G Pro, as it has a semi-modular panel and is less expensive.

Although the GT Pro’s interior shares similarities with the G Pro, such as the LLC topology, single rail, and Japanese 105ºC capacitors, it also features a semi-passive ventilation system controlled by a rear switch and a 12VHPWR PCIe 5.0 connector certified with ATX 3.0.

Exterior design

The FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W adheres to the standard ATX power supply format with dimensions of 150 mm in width and depth and 86 mm in height, allowing for easy installation within the chassis. Its notable exterior feature is the semi-modular panel, which leaves several primary cables integrated within the power supply, making them unable to be disconnected.

The FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W boasts a visually appealing design, constructed with a two-part steel chassis fastened together by four screws on either side, finished in a dark gray color. On the sides, brand and model identification labels are present to allow visibility in cases with an open PSU cover.

The lower face is where the air intake is located, furnished with a 120mm black fan, secured by an aesthetically pleasing external protection grille held in place by four screws. It is worth noting that there is no dust filter, as is typical with other power supplies available in the market.

Located on the top face is the AC/DC panel, providing information on the voltages, currents, and powers supplied by the different power supply rails. Additionally, further details on quality certifications and a product description are available.

The rear of the power supply is where we will connect the power cable, in the typical 3-pin format, compatible with both 115 and 230V. Adjacent to it, we can find the power switch and a small switch labeled ECO, which activates the semi-passive fan profile, allowing it to turn on only when the power supply is carrying a load of over 30%. The surrounding area is safeguarded by a honeycomb grille.

Cable management

Let us now turn our attention to the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W‘s cable management panel. One of the differences that set this panel apart from the G Pro model is that it features a semi-modular panel, an unusual trait even in high-performance power supplies. The modular section includes three SATA cable connections, two 8-pin outputs for EPS or PCIe cables, and a 12VHPWR 12+4 pin connector.

Regarding cable management, the fixed cables will not pose any issues since they are the basic ones used in 98% of cases. However, the modular connection area remains within the internal part of the power supply in its normal installation position, making it uncomfortable to manage once installed. Ideally, the panel should have been placed on the external part.

After checking the cable dimensions, which are generally correct, we can see an improvement in their gauge. For instance, the usual EPS and PCIe cables in power supplies will have an 18AWG gauge, with the EPS connectors divided into 4-pin headers and the PCIe cables into double 6+2 pin headers. Ideally, a 16AWG gauge would be better in this case.

The 12VHPWR cable is the only one that will have a 16AWG gauge, certified with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 capacity to withstand load peaks three times higher than its nominal capacity. Although the capacity has not been specified by the manufacturer, the graphics on the official page show a peak capacity of 2000W in 100 µs, which when divided by 3 gives us a sustained capacity of approximately 600W. In tests, it has perfectly supported the Nvidia RTX 4080 at maximum performance.

The SATA cables will obviously have an 18AWG gauge, as usual, with each of the three conductors composed of 4 connectors. It is peculiar to have only two integrated MOLEX connectors with two SATA, which is not the most convenient, but it really matters little for the minimal use that MOLEX has today.

Internal analysis

To clearly observe the component distribution on the PCB, we need to remove the upper metal casing of the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W. Breaking the seal of a screw during this process means losing the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

Fortunately, this manufacturer, FSC, is one of the three or four most powerful in the world. It not only makes its power supplies but also produces them for other brands not specialized in this segment. The 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification means that this model will provide an average efficiency of more than 90%.

This power supply features a half-bridge topology with an LLC converter on the primary side and a synchronous rectifier and DC-DC converters on the secondary side. The PCB will have a double-sided soldering and be divided into three parts, one being the modular port panel. The power supply has a single 12V rail capable of supplying up to 1000W, the 3.3V rail, and the 5V and 5VSB rails.

The protection configuration of this power supply comprises OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, and SCP with a supervisor circuit of Weltrend WT7527R. The EMI/EMC transient filter with an NTC SCK056 thermistor is followed by a relay. The aluminum blocks with fins in the upper area passively cool the main transistors.

All capacitors in the platform of FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W are promised to be 100% Japanese. The marks on all of them show they are from Nippon and Rubycon. The main capacitor on the primary side is a 450V, 680µF Nippon Chemi-Con rated at 105ºC.


A Yaln D12BH-12 fan is used in the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W, which is controlled by a PWM controller. Its RPM range is not specified, but it has a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB).

To take it a step further, the system features a semi-passive ventilation function that can be activated with the small switch on the rear panel. This system ensures the fan does not turn on until the power supply load exceeds 30% of its capacity, which in this case is 300W.

FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W PSU

Final thoughts on the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W

Based on the results and tests, we can confirm that this power supply meets the promised performance and is an excellent choice for high-performance setups that require the 12VHPWR connector with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 certification.

As one of the leading PSU manufacturers, we can be assured of the reliability of this power supply as it has a well-proven LLC platform and 100% Japanese capacitors. The PCB manufacturing quality is high and the fan used is fairly quiet with PWM control capability and semi-passive function, thanks to the rear ECO switch.

In terms of design, the FSP Technology Hydro GT Pro 1000W has a semi-modular panel distribution that is not as convenient as a fully modular one, but the fixed cables are not a problem as they will be used in 98% of cases. The panel could have been optimized by placing it on the outside and the fixed cables on the inside to provide better user access once installed in the chassis. The quality of the main cables such as EPS and PCIe could be improved with a 16AWG gauge, as 18AWG is a bit too tight.

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