MSI MPG A1000G power supply review

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The field of computer power supplies is not so extensively explored or covered, in terms of reviews. Therefore, we are going to talk about the characteristics of the MSI MPG A1000G. It is a power supply of about 1000W, capacitors with Japanese quality and modular components with CWT style. It is a high-performance power source intended for users who assemble their own desktop computers, and demand to take advantage of the full power of its components. This power supply will give constant performance to the most demanding processors and graphics cards.

Exterior of the MSI MPG A1000G

Normally when it comes to power supplies, the visual is the least important, but with the MSI MPG A1000G it is not the case. Its exterior is visually appealing, and since it is intended for high-end gaming equipment, it makes sense for it to be flashy so is not overshadowed by the other components. The measurements of this powerful power supply are standard, about 150 x 150 x 86 mm and ATX style for chassis of the same type.

Like most power supplies the A1000G has rear vents that allow hot air to be expelled from the hardware body, the power cable plug is a standard three-pin plug. This area also includes a button to define whether 230 or 115 V current will be used, the power supply on or off button and, as an innovative element: A button to activate the slow rotation mode of the fan for this component, in case you do not want it to make a lot of noise before a certain task.

How is the wiring organized in the MSI MPG A1000G?

The cables in this power supply are organized in a modular way, so you can see them sorted and classified according to their connector type. Although we really liked this orderly design, we noticed that the PCIe Gen5 type connector is missing, which has 16 contacts and has gradually become a standard for power supplies of equipment intended for gaming and with a high demand for resources.

The cables are organized in two large rows, in each one the cables for connectors of the same type are grouped. Each row has a screen-printed label that indicates the type of connector to which each cable leads, in total one row has about 5 8-pin connectors for the CPU and PCI-E devices and the other 4 6-pin connectors for different peripherals.

Inside the MSI MPG A1000G it can be seen how the board already includes the capacitors, which will allow greater flexibility so the cables not to depend on them.

To power the latest generation CPUs, this power supply includes 2 connectors of type 4+4 and 18AWG, an ATX type connector 20+4 WITH 16AWG and two PCI-E type outputs of 6+2 pins of 16AWG one and 18 AWG the other.

MSI MPG A1000G power supply ports

The cables for the different types of modular devices represent a magnificent selling point, since they are flat and with a gauge of 18AWG. These beautiful cables are distributed in about 3 SATA with 4 headers, one Molex type with the same headers and about 4 pins and an FDD and 20AWG type header.

How is the quality of the materials and assembly process?

This power supply has been manufactured by CWT and if you are familiar with the company, surely you already know that the power supply will have minimal free spaces inside, since the manufacturer is known for its compact approach leaving practically no free space in hardware that it manufactures. This also means that the ventilation of this product is optimal for the limited space it has, specifically, two MOSFTETS-type fans that include intermediate diodes.

To guarantee the stability of the energy it delivers, it uses half-bridge switching, together with a resonant LLC converter. On the other hand, a DC-DC type topology with synchronous rectifiers was also included.

This technology is expensive to mass produce, but very necessary so that the components of a powerful PC can always work at 100% performance. Did you accidentally drop the power supply? Don’t worry too much if you do, top-notch soldering will protect this component from catastrophe.

Main components of the MSI MPG A1000G

Something that caught our attention from the beginning is that the MSI MPG A1000G only includes capacitors from Japan. These Japanese capacitors are the Nippon Chemi-Con type, also including others of the Rubycon type, this might speak about their ability to withstand high voltages without being damaged. These are components of extreme quality and, even if they are small details, It is always worth highlighting the aspects that make a hardware have a very long useful life.

The Hold-time left us a little disappointed since it is a standard 17 MS, a good number, but not that much for a power supply of this caliber. As less relevant capacitors we can list about 8 MOSFETS IRFG7004PBF, with a capacity of 164A, these are the ones that control the voltage of the 12V wiring. The 5 and 3.3V wiring, on the other hand, are managed by the UBIQ converters, 61A and 70A.

MSI MPG A1000G power supply review

Cooling system of this 1000W source

With this high voltage, proper quality ventilation was needed, but if you read our previous sections about components and fabrication, the first thought that comes to mind is putting so many components in such a small space would cause the entire piece of hardware to heat up significantly. For this reason, a customized cooling system was created for the MSI MPG A100G.

It all starts with a Hong Hua brand 135mm fan which has a technology that the manufacturer calls “Zero RPM Mode”. This is simply the power supply’s ability to define when cooling is needed, which typically occurs when it goes into more than 500W demand. It spins at about 2100 max RPM.

Conclusions on this powerful power supply from MSI

This power supply unit is proof that MSI has been surpassing itself every year not only in laptops or desktop PCs, they have created a true marvel that is compact and pleasing to the eye both inside and out. We believe that choosing CWT as the component supplier has been one of the best choices the company has made in terms of PSU manufacturing. We were a little disappointed that it hasn’t achieved a platinum-type certification, but only an “80 Plus Gold”, but this is faded by the greatness of the product.

We have the regulation system that saves energy, makes it silent when additional power is not required. The capacitors allow you to have extended durability and excellent management of the power required for each component.

However, we believe that the SB-type 5V wiring can be further improved. Likewise, we think it could have been quieter than the rest of the competition at the same level, but it remains at the same noise standard.

The MSI MPG A100G can support several high-end graphics cards and connect multiple components with its flat cables (which make arranging them beautifully not a difficult job). If it would have had a PCIe Gen5 type connector, we had considered it without hesitation the best PSU available on the market for high-end equipment.

The final price for this PSU will be around the $200 USD mark, cheap for some, but expensive for others who know that there is the Corsair RMX1000 and of course, the EVGA G6, two power supply units with more or less similar characteristics and with a lower price. Either way, we have an excellent PSU that promises to last and withstand many years.

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