BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W full review

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In this review, we present an interesting power supply unit for those who have or will have a latest-generation GPU. The BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W is a series that focuses on performance, with a PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR connector compatible with ATX 3.0 in all its versions, from 550W to 1000W. The topology is LLC + RS + DC/DC in a dual-rail system with a 100% modular panel and 80+ Gold certification. Want to know it in detail?

External design

The BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W has an attractive style, not as elaborate as the Dark Power series, but with more compact dimensions and an encapsulation made entirely of black metal. With a width of 150 mm and a length of 160 mm, it is a good companion for installations in small computer cases.

This series has an air intake zone, with a 120 mm diameter fan with a white ring and a protective grille that gives it a distinctive look. The protective cover can be easily opened and removed, and the 4 screws have no warranty seals.

On the right side, there is only the brand emblem engraved on the plate. This emblem will be on the inside once the power supply is installed in the case.

On the left side is the label indicating the distribution of the rails and the powers, along with the corresponding quality and safety certifications. Here there is a seal that we should not break.

At the back, the power input is standard 3-pin, meaning it is compatible with voltages from 100 to 240V, and has the corresponding manual on/off switch. The rest of the area is covered with a honeycomb-style metal grille to release hot air.

Connections panel and cable management

The BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W features a fully modular internal connections panel, as we expect from a PSU of a certain level. In the 650W and 750W versions and onward, we will find an additional P8 input, but in all of them we have the 12VHPWR connector. In total, there will be 8 inputs for 7 included cables, with one remaining input for SATA power cables.

Analyzing the cable’s characteristics, we start with the main innovation, which is the 12VHPWR PCIe 5.0 connector with ATX 3.0 certification, using a gauge of 16AWG for the 12 main conductors. The double 6+2 pin PCIe cable also uses a 16AWG gauge, as do the two CPU EPS cables with 8-pin heads, one of them split into 4+4, and the ATX cable. None of these cables have built-in capacitors, so they will have good flexibility.

BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W ports

There is a peculiar configuration on one of the two included SATA cables, which combines two SATA headers and two MOLEX, while the other uses 4 SATA headers. The truth is that 6 connections may be a bit scarce, especially in a chassis with several SSDs and lighting controllers, so it would have been ideal to include an additional cable to complete the panel.

Analysis of the interior of the BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W

To access the interior of the BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W, you only need to remove the 4 screws in the corners located on the fan side. Note that this power supply has a 10-year warranty.

BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W internals

Solid BeQuiet! platform

BeQuiet! trusts CWT to create the platform of this power supply. It maintains a double 12V rail system, but in this case it is fixed compared to the Dark Power series that can dynamically switch between 1 and 2 rails. The topology used is LLC of half bridge + Synchronous Rectifier + DC/DC MOSFETS and is certified with 80+ Gold efficiency, like the Pure Power 11 generation.

Although the double rail system is not the most effective at high loads, the virtual rail configuration with current limiters on the outputs allows this PSU to overcome these limitations. For example, the PCIe and PCIe 5.0 outputs can use both rails simultaneously if necessary to reach the maximum 600W that the connector supports.

Advanced protections

This BeQuiet unit features advanced protections such as OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, SCP, SIP, and UVP using a Weltrend WT7527R supervisor IC circuit on the secondary side to detect short circuits. The transient filter includes a varistor (MOV), a relay, and an NTC.

Thermal dissipators

This product includes several passive aluminum heat sinks with fins for high-demand technical elements, such as rectification bridges and transistor filters. To meet the ATX 3.0 standard in the 12VHPWR connection and the PCIe 5.0 power specifications, the power supply must support a tolerance for high-intensity load spikes. BeQuiet! does not specify these values, but they should be up to three times higher than the graphics card’s consumption.


The BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W power supply retains the two main Teapo LH 390µF capacitors on the primary side, just like the previous Pure Power 11 FM version. These capacitors are Taiwanese and not Japanese, but the specification remains at 85ºC instead of increasing to 105ºC as is the case with most high-end and even mid-range PSUs.

On the secondary side, Teapo SC capacitors, similar to those of the previous generation, are used, as well as several higher quality Teapo SJs. The MOSFETs are IOR instead of UBIQ, and there are a total of six units. Overall, the platform is of good quality and reliability, so the warranty has been extended to 10 years.


The BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W power supply features a 120 mm BeQuiet! Pure Wings series fan with rifle bearings in the 4-pole motor. It has a special design to improve air flow and produces only 24 dBA of noise at 1800 RPM.

The DC control allows adjusting the fan speed based on the PSU load, but it cannot be turned off completely. It will remain at around 400-500 RPM in its minimum operating regime.

Conclusion about the BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W

Internally, this power supply has few differences compared to the previous generation, as the same virtual dual-rail platform is maintained. The issue lies in the use of medium-range capacitors instead of seeking a higher specification.

The appearance and manufacturing remain unchanged, but this is not a bad thing because the quality is excellent, and the fan is very quiet. The modular panel is convenient and features a 600W 12VHPWR connector that’s perfect for the latest Nvidia graphics cards. Some may expect more SATA connectors, as there are only two cables with a total of 5 heads, but there is a free connector.

The cost of this BeQuiet! Pure Power 12 M 750W is $200 USD and there will be a total of 5 models available, from 550W to 1000W, with a price of $270 USD for the latter. It’s not worth upgrading to this PSU if you already have a Pure Power 11 FM unless you have an Nvidia card. Although not all of its capacitors are grade 10, it’s a good PSU and the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

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