Privacy policy

Last updated December 20, 2020

While using our website there may be cases we explicitly or implicitly ask for your personal information in order to process a specific request. It is our responsibility to make you aware when and how these events happen. It’s also our duty to protect that information and comply with our legal obligations.

Digital Masta is committed to providing the most transparent and trustful experience to our users. We need to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to handling your personal data and information.

Having said that, it is important for us to highlight the way we collect, use and somewhat share your personal or identity information (as defined under the terms of applicable law).

Why do we collect your personal data?

In order to ensure the proper functionality of all our service modules and optimal browsing experience we need at least the bare minimum bits of information from our users.

Things like saving your cookies policy agreement or capturing your email address for you to receive our newsletters are forms of personal data.

Furthermore, we broke down the types of data we collect from you (the user) into a few identifiable categories:

  • Cookies: Cookies are key / value pair variables that are saved in the client side, more specifically, in your browser. Every time you accept terms of an agreement or simply turn on an option, these get stored in the browser so you don’t have to set it every time you visit the site.Normally cookies are stored in a non-identifiable manner, but if any other parameter lead us to connect that information with a user, it automatically becomes personal information, and is treated like so.
  • Comments or user input: Comments on our articles made by you (the user) might have content disclosing personal information. We have little control over the information all users post in our comments, and therefore, this information runs completely under the user discretion. Nonetheless, we have a few soft filters that prevent emails and other personal data to be displayed.
  • Contact information: Information that is required to complete or fulfill any service requested by the user. Whenever the user opts-in for our newsletter, when the user asks a question in our FAQ or sends a contact request. These are forms of user personal information disclosure. We save that information to further process the request. We might also use the information to send important relevant notice and content to the user.
  • Third party embedded content: We use a couple of services (plugins, add-ons, analytics tools, ad partners, affiliates programs and widgets) to extend the functionality and capabilities of our site and provide a seamless and improved user experience.Clicking in those links or using the aforementioned elements may allow those to collect data about you. Things like ad targeting (customizing the advertising settings to your preference or likings), geo-location data, ip addresses and such can be gathered through these methods.There are also modules that gather usability patterns like heat maps and web analytics to get insights on how we can improve our user experience in the future.

    We don’t have control over what type of data these add-ons collect. Our responsibility is to make you aware your info might be targeted and collected while interacting with them. We are not responsible of how this data collected is processed and/or used.

Who are we sharing your information with?

We limit the use of our user records to activities related solely with the operation of this website. Under any circumstance we will be sharing personal identifiable information with third party partners or affiliates, unless the user has specifically given his consent to do so.

However, we may disclosure non personal or identifiable information among third party with advertisers, sponsors and affiliates, such as usage statistics and demographics.

Opt-out from our services

At any point in time the user is able to opt-out from any of the services previously requested. You have the right to change your mind at any time about permitting the processing of your personal user information.

You have also the right to explicitly request us to stop displaying your comments, sending you emails, or keeping your email (in the event you had contacted us previously). We will cease any form of connection with that data and proceed to remove the records from our data base.

Log files

It is a normal practice for internet hosting providers to store data from visitors of a website about their IP, browser information, internet service provider (ISP), date, time, demographics (country) and clicking history.

This information is not personal identifiable and is collected merely for site optimization and user experience improvement purposes.


Visitors to our website have the possibility to leave comments on every article. Whenever users do so we collect the comment information along with the visitor’s IP address and browser information to prevent spam.

After the submission of a comment, a hash will be sent to the Gravatar service (Gravatar privacy policy) to check if the user’s account is created. Upon the comment approval the user profile picture will be visible in the comments section of that article.

Contact forms

Sending information using our contact form will also be kept for post-processing any user request made through that inquiry.


Every time you leave a comment in our website you will be prompted to save your name, email and personal website in a cookie. You can use that option to your advantage and not have to fill those fields every time you want to create a new comment. That info will be stored for one year.

Also, when you visit our site for the first time, there will be a message asking your permission to accept the use of cookies. This selection will be also stored as a cookie.

Third party content

Throughout the content on Digital Masta you may find add-ons providing extra functionality to the site. These elements are developed and deployed by third party service providers that have no association with this site.

Interacting with these elements might allow them to capture browsing patterns data, create tracking cookies on their own or even prompt you to input data or visit an external site on your permission.

We use an industry standard web analytics tool, as well as a few affiliate marketing and ad platforms to monetize our website. We don’t control the behaviour programmed on these elements and it is advisable they may capture some sort of data.

Children’s privacy

Although the content on Digital Masta is not aimed to children under 16 years of age, there might be topics that can be relatable or found attractive for this segment. We care about children’s privacy, and we don’t specifically collect personal data from them.

Policy updates

The date of the latest revision to this document will be always found here. For users registered in our newsletter, there will be an email notification with the changes.

Additional Ad partners privacy considerations

If you want to learn more about all additional considerations we enforce in our website you can visit our Ad partner privacy page.

More information

Should you have any question about our privacy policy or specific case on how we treat the data we collect from user please write us an email: