OSRS: Get ready for the Tombs of Amascut

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The newest raid, Tomb of Amascut, is soon to hit live servers so now is the time to get into what we know so far about this continuation of the Desert storyline. Currently, developers are adding final touches and polishing the elements within. Jagex believes that the new content will make its way to players worldwide sometime in August, and we cannot wait to get involved!

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Tombs of Amascut

The Tombs of Amascut are situated in the Kharidian Desert, a once prosperous and flourishing land, until the Goddess of Rebirth, Amascut, got corrupted. This resulted in havoc, with many dying to this devouring abomination. Amascut is after an ancient tomb hiding the forgotten power deep within the desert. It’s up to the Gielinor’s finest, to take arms and stop Amascut at all costs!

The raid takes place inside the Jaltevas Pyramid, which is located in the necropolis. The necropolis was recently unburied by a storm, inspiring many to explore its mysteries. The ancient tomb of the Tumeken’s last Chosen Pharaoh, Osmumten, resides there. The Tomb of Amascut adventure takes place in the tomb of Osmumten, Amascut’s brother.

The following list consists of the quests necessary to be completed for starting Tombs of Amascut:

  • Beneath Cursed Sands
  • Contact!
  • Prince Ali Rescue
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Gertrude’s Cat

Below you can find the skills required to take part in Tombs of Amascut:

  • Agility 62
  • Crafting 55
  • Firemaking 55


Four new bosses are making their way to Gielinor, each more daunting than the other. So far, we only know their origin stories.

1. Akkha

Akkha was a human warrior who joined a cult dedicated to Amascut before her corruption. The sole goal of this cult was to be resurrected as a flawless version of themselves. Unfortunately, members were forced to perform a ritual and sacrifice themselves in her name. Akkha planned to commit suicide with the poison, however, his plan backfired, leaving him an easy target for Amascut to recruit.

2. Ba-Ba

Ba-Ba used to lead a big group of baboons as their matriarch. With time, she grew concerned about her family’s future, believing her heir to be incompetent. She made a deal with Amascut, immortality for a pledge to serve the Devourer. Ba-Ba took that offer so she could continue leading her family indefinitely. She allowed being corrupted by Amascut, which granted her the immortality she desired but made her a forever servant to the Devourer.

3. Kephri

Kephri is the sole survivor of a long-extinct species of scarabs. Throughout her years of solitude, she gathered knowledge about the desert by observing it from a distance. She slowly began to crave the opportunity to share her wisdom with future generations. Amascut promised to make Kephri a mother of scarabs smarter than she ever was. However, Amascut created confusion and twisted the scarab’s mind, making her a mindless slave.

4. Zebak

The Elid was home to a vast population of crocodiles, including Zebak. To survive, the group was forced to use whatever means necessary. Zebak was outmatched by his kin, so he had to rely on his ingenuity to hunt prey. He learned to lure other crocodiles into traps where he would kill them and eat their food. Soon, he wiped out the entire croc population and was desperate for food. Amascut promised him a lifelong supply in exchange for his service, and with no food left, Zebak accepted without hesitation.


Cool new rewards are making their way to the raid, so make sure to prepare adequately to get them as soon as possible! Again, Jagex only revealed basic info about these weapons and what they do.

1. Shadow of Tumeken

This two-handed staff requires 85 Magic to wield and offers a 3x magic damage gear bonus and magic accuracy. The Shadow of Tumeken has a built-in spell powered by Soul and Chaos runes.

2. Masori Armour set

This new set of Range armor includes a helmet, chestplate, and chainskirt, and can be upgraded with parts obtained from breaking Armadyl armor to create the ultimate Ranged armor.

3. Elidinis’ ward

This Magic shield offers a universal Magic strength bonus, first in its class. To equip the Elidinis’ Ward, players need to have 80 Magic, 80 Prayer, and 80 Defence. Unfortunately, it will spawn broken; players have to repair it with 10,000 Soul runes and an arcane sigil. This requires Prayer and Smithing of the player to be at least 90. However, players who do not meet these requirements can pay Abbot Langley 20,000,000 gold to repair it.

4. Lightbearer

The Lightbearer offers no stats but has a passive ability to regenerate Special attack energy by 10% every 15 seconds. The timer will reset once the ring is taken off.

5. Osmumten’s fang

This one-handed weapon deals Stab damage and can be equipped with 82 Attack only. It calculates damage output differently; 15% to 85% of the player’s maximum hit. The Osmumten’s fang has the best accuracy bonus of any weapon, allowing it to increase the average hit by 15%. This special ability requires only 50% Special attack energy.

6. Thread of Elidinis

The Thread of Elidinis is a pouch that requires 75 Crafting and a needle to upgrade it to the Rune pouch, which can hold 4 different rune types. Interestingly, this action can be reversed without losing any components in the process.

7. Keris Partisan jewels

These are put into the Keris Partisan one-handed weapon to receive various effects. Some jewels and their effects have been revealed, like the Breach of the Scarab, Wrath of Amascut, Jewel of the Sun, Tumeken’s Light, and Eye of the Corruptor. For example, putting the Eye of the Corruptor jewel into the Keris Partisan will augment the weapon with a special attack that enables Wrath of Amascut to be used for 75% Special attack energy.

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