PlayStation 5 101: PS5 frequently asked questions

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The PlayStation 5 is the hottest console on the market, but despite this, it’s also quite hard to find. This has given rise to a bit of mystique around the powerful console, with many questions being asked about it. The complete lack of retail units means answers are hard to come by, but thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ve addressed some the more frequently asked questions about the PS5, so if you’ve been curious about the Japanese tech giant’s latest flagship console, read on to find out more!

1. How to turn off the PS5?

So, one of the most popular questions about the PS5 is surprisingly about how to turn the console off, and for good reason. Instead of having a simple button, the PS5 has a complicated process involving various different steps before you can shut it down. First, press the PlayStation button under the controller’s touchpad. This brings up the ‘Cards Menu’. Once here, press down to select quick options and pick the power icon on the right. Then, choose the ‘Turn PS5 Off’ option.

2. What are the PS5 box dimensions?

How large exactly is the box for the PS5? According to official sources, the dimensions of the PS5 retail box are 17 inches high (43 cm), 18.5 inches wide (47 cm), and 7 inches (18 cm) deep. The PS5 box itself weighs 14lb (6.7 kg/ 8 ounces), helpful info for when you need to store the box somewhere safe.

3. What is the PS5 power cord length?

Knowing how long the PS5 power cord is can help you better manage your placement of it when the time comes, so pay attention. The PlayStation 5 power cable is 1.5 meters long, sitting just under 5 feet. The plug itself is region-based, so it’ll fit no matter where you buy it. The PS5 also uses the exact same power cord as the PS4 (IEC C7), so if you have a PS4, you’ll have spares.

4. Can you play PS2 games on PS5?

Backwards compatibility is a big deal in gaming these days, and since the PS2 was such a popular console, many ask if you can play PS2 games on a PS5? The unfortunate answer is no, seeing how Sony have had a strict policy against backwards compatibility for years. You’ll still need to dig out a PS2, or hope for a remake or remaster coming out.

5. Does the PS5 have an Ethernet port?

Wired Ethernet is essential for many gamers these days, which has many asking, does the PS5 have an Ethernet Port? The answer is yes, it does, and fairly high quality one too. Located over on the back of the PS5, the Ethernet LAN Port is rated for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T which offers speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. So if you’re planning on squeezing the most out of your internet, you’ll want to get a CAT 6 LAN cable.

6. Why is the PS5 so expensive?

This is one that comes up fairly often, and is also surprising to see. While it’s true it’s a bit more pricier than the PS4, the PS5 is still a phenomenal console for its price. It offers more power than slightly more affordable consoles, while also being under the effects of inflation. On top of all that, the PS5 costs far less than a comparable gaming PC, and every game is well optimized for the platform. Taking all this into consideration, the pricing isn’t really all that outrageous.

7. Does the PS5 have a DisplayPort?

Unfortunately, the PS5 does not have a DisplayPort. Like many of its competitors, the PS5 exclusively uses HDMI 2.1 for its output. It helps save space for other components and makes HDMI the standard. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to use a DisplayPort cable on the PS5. You’ll have to use an accessory that adapts a HDMI 2.0 port to a Displayport 1.2, though you’ll miss out on all the features afforded by the HDMI 2.1 connector.

8. Can you use Airpods on PS5?

Not officially. The PS5 surprisingly does not support any Bluetooth audio products, much to the chagrin of many customers. However, if you’re really adamant on getting your Airpods working on the PS5, you can purchase a Bluetooth audio adapter that allows Bluetooth audio products to work on the console. It’s not official, but you can have it if you want it.

9. Can you connect to a PS5 Bluetooth speakers?

Once again, the answer is not officially. Just as with the Airpods, Bluetooth speakers count as Bluetooth audio products. Thus, unless you get a Bluetooth audio adapter for them, you’re fresh out of luck here.

10. How to change PS5 background?

Surprisingly, it’s not possible to change the background on the PS5. The reason given is that the PS5 features a custom dynamic theme that shifts based on what you’ve selected, so that means you’re unfortunately stuck with the default background.

11. How to reset PS5 controller?

Here’s another common question, how do you reset a PS5 DualSense controller? Like with previous Sony controllers, you can factory reset any DualSense controller by holding down the reset button on the back of the controller for 5 seconds. Of course, you’re going to need something like a paper clip to reach it, but the process is overall quite simple.

12. What type of PS5 RAM does it have?

Sony makes a big show of the PlayStation 5’s specifications, so many people have been asking what components are in the console, namely its RAM. First off, the main pool of RAM is a high performance 16 GB GDDR6 SDRAM, designed to squeeze every drop of performance from the console. The other is a simple 512 MB DDR4 SDRAM Memory manufactured by SK Hynix for the OS and background tasks.

13. How many HDMI ports on PS5?

The PS5 only features one HDMI 2.1 port, which is a shame considering the sheer power of the device. Sony’s official reason for only having one output port is to save costs on the console, but it’s unpleasant to see nonetheless.

14. How many controllers can connect to PS5?

While the PlayStation 5 comes with 1 DualSense controller by default, the console can handle up to 4 controllers being connected and used at once. Useful for party games with many players!

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our FAQ. We hope this article helped enlighten you on what exactly to look forward to when you get PS5, as well as properly prepare for it to fit right into your household. Have fun!

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