Kingdom Come: Deliverance PS5 game review

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an incredibly interesting game, even among the bevy of medieval games available right now. Unlike other medieval classics like all of the ‘The Elder Scrolls’ games, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game focused less on the fantasy aspect and a whole lot more on the historical accuracy of what actually took place in the old ages.

While the game originally released in the year 2018, it can now be played on the PS5 through backwards compatibility, and it’s been receiving love and remembrance from gaming sites and journalists lately. So, what exactly changed between the game’s original release and the next-generation PlayStation 5 console that’s been making the rounds? To be honest, the game was ahead of its time when it released for PlayStation 4 while ago. It has a massive map and library of resources, making it really challenging for consoles to keep up with the processing power. One of the key highlights now on PS5 is that the game is actually playable, without crashes and such.

If you are new to Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PS5 keep reading further so you know exactly what it is all about.

Living in a medieval story

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a narrative experience, one with several moving parts in its dense and involved story. You take the reins of Henry, the humble son of a blacksmith living his life in the early 15th century Kingdom of Bohemia. You spend the opening of the game vicariously experiencing Henry’s life, before things begin to spiral out of control and the game’s plot begins to unwind.

Perhaps the most ambitious part of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is its long, sprawling narrative. It is extremely rich, featuring a huge amount of characters, legitimately intense political drama, and Henry’s  journey for revenge serving as the emotional backbone fore the plot to lay on.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance PS5 epic battles

Now while we can admire the dedication to creating such a thoroughly thought out tale, it’s not perfect. For example, there are a staggering amount of cutscenes, enough that sometimes you can be taken out of the game entirely. Stories not involving Henry’s revenge can also end up feeling unfulfilling, since they lack the sheer emotional gravitas that comes with the plucky main character’s plight.

It helps that Henry is an extremely likable character, one that’s very easy to root for. Some may find the inability to roleplay a bit disappointing, but it’s made up for in just how well done Henry is. Most people will find him and his every man antics easy to relate to as he stumbles his way through the world.

A focus on historical accuracy

As we mentioned earlier, the game sets itself apart from its contemporaries thanks to its more realistic medieval setting. It eschews the dragons and magic that runs rampant in most medieval games in favor of lords, barons, political drama and classic medieval weaponry. It’s definitely something different, helping the game stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to the world itself, the game does an excellent job of making the player feel like they’re part of a living, breathing kingdom. Characters go about their daily business according to their own schedules, and this carries over to the game play aspect as well, which we’ll get into later.

If you’re the sort of player who relishes the idea of exploring a huge and in-depth world, you’re in luck. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a massive game, and it’s possible to completely lose yourself while you traverse its lush environments. Thanks to the extra care put into keeping the game’s lands historically accurate, it can often almost feel like you’ve gone through a time machine.

The developers have absolutely succeeded in creating a world that is wonderfully dynamic and reactive. It can often lead to the game feeling more like a fully fledged sim than a simple RPG. Although the graphics aren’t the absolute best, they’re still very good for what they are, and it’s still very easy to immerse yourself in the world despite that.

Sheer attention to detail

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is detailed to an insane degree. Every single aspect of the game feels like it was given thought and care, and it adds to the realistic feel of the game. Taking off chunks of heavy armor can make you better at sneaking, and drinking a bit too much alcohol can leave Henry hungover the next day.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance excellent combat system on PlayStaton 5

All of this carries over to the game’s combat, which is tough but also satisfying to master. Things feel weighty, and every move you take meaningfully changes the flow of the fight. Being outnumbered isn’t ideal, and you always want to consider your options instead of going for the kill.

Damage that you’ve taken can be healed off by sleeping in an inn, which is another important part of the game play here. Henry has a full set of stats and basic needs which you need to fulfill if you want him to progress through his story well.

Some of these realistic touches can be a tad annoying, especially things like bow and arrows not having crosshairs, but they’re understandable and don’t hurt the experience too badly. What can hurt the experience however are the numerous glitches that can break the game. Things have gotten better over time, but can still be frustrating to deal with.

Medieval game, future hardware

Now, the biggest reason why Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been making a resurgence is due to the Playstation 5. On older consoles, the game struggled to keep up with the game’s demanding world. Now, thanks to PS5’s faster SSD and better performance, it can keep everything running smoothly without a hitch, just the way it was always intended to be played.

As it stands, it’s a fantastic experience, though it’s definitely not for everyone. A slow start and heavy use of cutscenes can will inevitably leave some players disinterested, but for those looking to get fully immersed in the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll find that you’re in for a treat. It’ll also definitely appeal to gamers looking for a challenge, as the game can be quite difficult at times.

For our Kingdom Come: Deliverance PS5 game review, we give it a hearty recommendation, especially if you’re an owner of a PlayStation 5. It’s one of the most fascinating RPGs to release in the last decade, and it’s worth giving a look if you’re even slightly interested in the concept and premise.

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