Clubhouse gave Elon Musk the chance to express himself

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Elon Musk unleashed on the new Clubhouse platform, the new voice messages social media platform.  He talked comfortably about an array of diverse topics from our arrival to Mars, AI implanted monkeys, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, to even Covid-19 vaccines. A record audience awaited his comments on a slew of topics, and Musk did not disappoint.

The social network of voice messages became very well known among the Silicon Valley elites, and Elon Musk’s first intervention caused a sensation. In fact, he reached the limit of members in a single room: 5,000 users. Although the messages after each transmission are deleted once the debate is closed, several users managed to broadcast the session live on YouTube. On the other hand, it was also transmitted on Twitter generating an avalanche of requests for invitations to Clubhouse.

The truth is that once there, Musk had the opportunity to talk about many and varied topics initiated from questions from the participants in the conversation.

About Mars

Elon Musk is optimistic about man’s arrival on Mars, which he estimated would occur “in five and a half years”. He claimed that going to the red planet would probably be “tough” for the pioneers, but it was important to “keep the torch of civilization burning in the dark”. Speaking about Mars, and aliens, he thought that it was “quite possible” extraterrestrial technology existed, although there was no proof of its existence.

Memes, movies and series

“He who controls the memes will control the universe”, he joked. For him Memes were a complex form of communication that was worth more than 1,000 words. He added that “I love memes, they can be very enlightening”.

Musk is watching ‘Cobra Kai’, ‘The Last Kingdom’, ‘Mythtic Quest’ and ‘The Expanse’, and he liked ‘Tenet’, of which he said “if you think too much about it, may not make any sense, but I enjoyed the movie”. About the book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” he claimed that “it is actually a book on philosophy disguised as a silly book for humans”.


What should help educate a 5-year-old about this world? For him, video games attract children, but it is important to explain “the why” of these games. For example it would be useful for him to take a motor and mount it. We need tools to understand its relevance, and that’s better than a thorough course on wrenches.

About Tesla

They aim to manufacture 20 million cars and trucks a year. He also spoke of autonomous driving, indicating that they could operate in this autonomous mode much of the time, about a third of the hours in a week. He curiously indicated that technologies such as Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) – which he discarded years ago – would make cars “super-humans”.

The brain implant company he created in 2016 remains a mystery, but according to Musk the discoveries in the science and AI are promising. He said that “we have a monkey with a wireless implant in his skull that can play video games with his mind” and although he did not give evidence about it. Then, he got more serious: “I want to make it clear that the initial applications will be only for people with serious brain injuries, is in that area the value of the implant is priceless”.


Elon Musk acknowledged that “I’m late to the party but I’m a bitcoin fan,” but continued to highlight his support (bordering on trolling) with Dogecoin. “Possibly the funniest, most ironic outcome would be for Dogecoin to become the Earth’s currency of the future”.

Last but not least: vaccines

He was very optimistic about vaccines, highlighting advances with mRNA technology. Musk stated that “there is going to be a flood of vaccines”. Lastly, he talked about how ‘CureVac’ will be approved soon and further explained that his manufacturing plants at Tesla “can make a ‘bazillion’ of super-fast doses”.

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