Cloud Mining: Mine Bitcoin with a lower investment

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For those who do not have the resources or time to invest in mining equipment, cloud mining turns out to be a great alternative to obtain Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Cloud storage has increasingly become a must and a primary agent in many business models, internet solutions, marketing strategies, you name it. Mining activities online are not the exception, and with the introduction of Crypto Cloud Mining we can see many cloud services that will be solely dedicated to perform different (or specific, maybe in the future) Cryptocurrency cloud Mining. 

What exactly is cryptocurrency cloud mining?

Crypto Cloud Mining is a way to obtain Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency by renting computing capacity, which means the users won’t need to have any equipment to benefit from the Bitcoin Cloud Mining activities, and the initial investment is mostly inexpensive. These Crypto Cloud Mining companies, have allotted and accessible plans for each and every user to choose from, then with the opening of an account, the Cryptocurrency cloud Mining takes place entirely remotely, being a super convenient factor. The mining groups acquire a certain hash amount. Any profit generated is equally distributed to the groups renting the hash capacity. 

Cloud mining platform types 

Depending on the Cryptocurrency cloud Mining activity that we want to perform, there can be different types of Crypto Cloud Mining platform types that will serve different purposes or perform in different ways, some of these are: 

  • Virtual private servers. This involves renting an entire server dedicated for Bitcoin Cloud Mining. The user will rent the unit and install the desired software, and the mining company will be in charge of maintenance, energy costs, and other elements. 
  • Hash power rent. This type of Bitcoin Cloud Mining is based on contracts and user accounts provided upon the hash power that some Cryptocurrency cloud Mining companies allow as flexible plans for its user to choose from. The advantage of this method is that no equipment is needed to start mining and many starters prefer it this way, although this popularity has caused some fraudulent companies to develop. 
  • Mining host. With a host, the user is provided with mining equipment in the care of a Cryptocurrency cloud Mining company, which operates it. Said company will look after maintenance and production costs, while billing the user directly for the services rendered. 

What about profit? 

Crypto Cloud Mining, as well as any mining nowadays has been proven to be very profitable, as the margins increase year by year and this growth is not expected to stop, as the prices for Bitcoin, Etheruem and many other present cryptocurrencies in the market get higher (or rather, revalued). 

Since the initial investment is reduced considerably and the costs for energy and maintenance are included on your accounts pricing, Bitcoin Cloud Mining removes the need to invest in equipment, energy solutions, backups and any other additional elements present in the Crypto Cloud Mining activities, which will be handled directly by the company providing the service. 

A foreword on Crypto Cloud Mining, is that many scamming systems are in place due to the popularity and the fact that many users are seeking cloud mining solutions, hence the need to be very cautious when acquiring or renting any type of services. Those companies offering high return margins or a return on investment in a few weeks period, will definitely be a sign of scam. 

Best bitcoin cloud mining platforms 

We understand that, by reading this article, a spark of curiosity or interest might light -or be there already- to start mining with a Crypto Cloud Mining system. In which case is best to be sure on the most suitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining platforms, that are also trustworthy, and overall interesting options to start your activities. 

1 – Shamining cloud mining

Shamining Cloud Mining

UK based, this company was launched in 2018 and is one of the most trusted mining companies available for Bitcoin mining. They offer different agreement types with initial prices of US $250. Among the amenities offered is 24/7 customer support, fast payments and a user friendly interface. They accept various forms of payment types like bitcoin, bank wires and credit cards. 

2 – Hashmart cloud mining

Hashmart Cloud Mining

Offering a great Bitcoin Cloud Mining solution, this company has servers based in Siberia, having high performance appliances and offering great profit earnings. This system is based on hash power rent and its main attraction is actually the balanced pricing for their rent options. Its twelve month cloud mining plan ranges US $52.40 with a power of 500 Gh/s . 

3 – Ecos cloud mining

Ecos Cloud Mining

An alternative for users looking to obtain different cytocurreny products, as this company provides hash power rent from US $150, being one of the most popular options. This business model also offers other cryptocurrency investment solutions with a short mining duration. 

4 – Gminers cloud mining

Gminers Cloud Mining

Another UK based mining company, however, this one holds servers in various parts of the world like Iceland, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The profitability of this particular option is great, offering daily instant payments, 24/7 customer support and a very intuitive user control panel. 

5 – ChickenFast cloud mining

ChickenFast Cloud Mining

The most flashy and simple mining platform from our round up. Active since 2015, they have been around for longer than most and offer a minimum account opening price of US $250. Among the most interesting aspects they offer their users are their high rentability, straightforward and eco-friendly mining system, together with 24/7 personalized support. 

6 – Scryptcube cloud mining

Scryptcube Cloud Mining

Another choice for beginners and veterans alike, this interesting platform will provide equipment connected to the F2pool mining pool for Bitcoin Cloud Mining and all their addresses have been audited, providing direct user payments. Additionally, they have a telegram chat support, and the platform integrates a calculator to put the math together and know beforehand the return over our investment, based on our selected package. Payment options are also bitcoin, credit and debit cards and they offer withdrawals since day one on the mining activity. 


To those who do not wish or are not thinking about acquiring mining equipment but want to participate, on Bitcoin Cloud Mining, Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining systems are the best option to consider, as they allow great accessibilities for a moderate first investment. This being said, we have to actively guard ourselves from scams and faulty agreements with small prints, by only accessing trustworthy and reputable platforms like the ones mentioned above.

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