Amazon flying security camera: Ring, addresses privacy concerns

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Security and privacy have been a recurring topic for a few years now and maybe longer when it comes to security cameras. The new Amazon’s flying security camera Ring is rolling out end-to-end encryption on some of its surveillance cameras.

Ring reports that encryption already existed when videos are uploaded to the cloud, but now it offers added security factor by allowing users to encrypt their videos end-to-end.

Ring suffered serious security and privacy issues between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. At that time, hundreds of homes were monitored by different hackers and became a set for a horror movie, since people connected to the cameras were able to speak through them. It cannot get any creepier than that.

Amazon flying security camera

Other families were blackmailed and there were serious cases of minor harassment and unidentified surveillance. Nothing nice and it was all through Ring flying security cameras.

The company said it had no evidence of hacking or security breach. Later, Ring said that these situations could be due to password reuse. From those facts, they took action and followed certain guidelines to protect the reputation of the company and its users.

The answer to privacy and security issues

Now they implemented end-to-end video encryption, an option that we can manually activate. Although wasn’t enough protection, standard encryption already existed for this when the video is uploaded to the cloud and is hosted on the servers.

This is not an universal solution since only a few models can qualify for this security bonus. The main thing, not only with the Ring app, but with all of them, is to always keep it updated to the latest version.

Encryption can be activated on both Android and iPhone mobiles and we must perform this in the control panel of the Ring app.

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