How to emulate Android on your PC?

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In this guide, we tell you what Bluestacks is and what it is used for. Additionally, we show you step-by-step how to install it on your PC and what you need to do to download your favorite Android applications. With this software, you get something similar to what Microsoft proposes with WSA, the Windows subsystem for Android, that is, running Android applications on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Bluestacks: Emulating Android on Windows

Bluestacks is an emulation software that creates a conducive environment in Windows and other operating systems so that Android applications can be run. It works similarly to a virtual machine. Inside, it runs a modified version of Android by emulating the hardware components that are necessary using software.

Although Bluestacks allows you to run any application, it is an optimized platform for launching games developed for Android. This way, you don’t need to be in front of a mobile device if you want to enjoy some of the titles available on the Google Play Store. And, yes, you read that right: Bluestacks is compatible with Google services. As such, any application you can imagine will work correctly on this emulator.

Notable features of Bluestacks

Here are some of the most important features of Bluestacks:

  • Adapted gaming controls. Don’t worry about touch controls. The development team has made sure that all games are compatible with your computer’s keyboard and mouse.
  • Multi-instance. This emulator allows you to run multiple games at the same time. This is very interesting, as installing Android on a virtual machine, the experience is similar to that of a mobile. That is, only one application can be kept active at the same time. But in Bluestacks, this is not the case. Rather, you can open more than one game at a time.
  • Macros. Things are getting interesting. Thanks to the macros, you have an action recorder that helps you perform repetitive tasks and quick movements over and over again. For example, they are similar to the macros of Logitech devices.
  • Real-time translation. A game or application is not available in your language? No problem. The emulator integrates a translator that helps you switch between languages instantly.
  • FPS. With this emulator, you will have high-definition graphics and a rate of up to 60 FPS.
  • Screen recording. Includes a tool to capture everything that happens during a game or the steps you follow in an application.
  • Screenshots in applications that prohibit it. With Bluestacks, it’s easy to take screenshots, some applications do not allow it, such as Snapchat. The good news is that, although the emulator is not able to bypass that limitation, it is always possible to take a screenshot using the Windows 11 or Windows 10 clipping tool.

We have to recognize that the features of this environment are very good if you want to open Android games (and applications) on Windows. The best of all is that it is completely free.

Minimum requirements for Bluestacks

Another strong point of Bluestacks is that it requires few system resources. Any relatively modern computer will be able to run the emulator. The official minimum requirements are:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: Your PC must have at least 4 GB of RAM. (Note: having 4 GB or more of disk space does not replace RAM memory).
  • Storage: 5 GB of free disk space
  • You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  • Updated Microsoft or chip set provider graphics drivers

How to download and install Bluestacks

To download Bluestacks, you simply have to go to its official website. Then, click on Download Bluestacks 5. Once you have downloaded the executable, click on it to open it and begin the installation. Next, press Install Now.

The process may take a while because the installer you have downloaded actually does not contain all the necessary files. Rather, additional elements are required to be downloaded during installation.

When the installation is finished, you will have two versions of Bluestacks installed on your computer. Particularly, we like to run the applications from Bluestacks 5, although it is possible to use Bluestacks X as an alternative launcher. In both cases, the applications run on the same emulator.

When you try to open Bluestacks, you may receive the following message. Once you close it, the application will stop. The solution is to run Bluestacks with administrator privileges.

It is time to start enjoying Android applications and games on Windows.

How to download an application from Bluestacks

Bluestacks offers two options when it comes to downloading and installing applications. The first is to go to the Google Play Store, where you can sign in with your Google account and download games that you have previously purchased.

You can do it as follows:

  1. Open Bluestacks 5.
  2. Press on the Google Play Store icon.
  3. Log in with your Google account.
  4. Use the search bar to find an app.
  5. Press on Download.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish.

Another option you have available is to download an APK from a trusted repository and drag it to the Bluestacks window. The installation of the app will begin immediately and once it finishes, you will be able to run it. In both cases, the icon of the app or game will appear in the emulator’s app launcher. From there you will have access to all the downloads you have made.

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