Fixing a Nintendo Switch Lite that loses charge too fast

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The Nintendo Switch Lite boasts over five thousand games despite its small and lightweight design. To maximize your gaming experience, it also features an extended battery life of 3 to 7 hours. However, if you notice that the battery drains too quickly, there are simple solutions to get back to longer gaming sessions.

Adjusting screen settings, running system updates, using airplane mode, and taking good care of the battery are all effective ways to remedy a Nintendo Switch Lite with fast battery depletion. When these quick fixes don’t work, battery replacement is the best option. As a passionate gamer, the longevity of your Switch Lite’s battery is vital for uninterrupted playtimes. Therefore, it’s essential to determine what causes the battery to drain so quickly and how to solve the issue.

How long does normally the Nintendo Switch Lite battery last?

When it comes to the Switch Lite, one of the most significant benefits is its lengthier battery life compared to the original Nintendo Switch. The portable gaming device can run for three to seven hours, at least when it is brand new.

However, the battery life of some of the Switch Lite top-rated games, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, depletes much faster. These games require the console to be used with higher intensity, leading to faster battery drain.

As with all Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the Switch Lite battery gradually loses its initial capacity. The battery life decreases over time and with use, which is a natural process and does not necessitate any repairs.

The efficiency of the battery depends on the type of usage and the upkeep of your Switch Lite console.

How to extend the life of the battery on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

To enjoy gaming on the go with a Nintendo Switch Lite, flexibility is key. However, if the battery life is poor, you may find yourself needing to charge it too frequently. To extend your gaming sessions, there are several ways to improve the battery life of your device.

Screen brightness

One way is to manage the screen brightness. Many gamers prefer to play at maximum display brightness, but this can quickly drain the battery. To maximize battery life, reduce the screen brightness by going to Home > System Settings > Brightness tab and manually adjusting the slider. If you’re in a game, long-press the Home button and go to the brightness tab.

Airplane mode

Another way to save battery is by turning on airplane mode. If you don’t need to download games or play online, activating airplane mode can help save energy. The operating system is always searching for WiFi connections, which can quickly deplete battery power. To turn on airplane mode, go to Home > System Settings > Airplane mode tab and activate it. Simply deactivate it when you need to connect to the internet again.

Regular bettery charges

Regularly charging the battery is crucial to maintaining the quality of lithium-ion batteries. These are highly recommended batteries and one way to ensure they remain in good condition is to keep them charged.

Sleep mode settings

Adjusting the sleep mode settings is a great way to conserve battery power in electronic devices. The Nintendo Switch Lite has a sleep mode function that automatically activates after a specific period of inactivity. This feature is highly beneficial because it helps save battery life without the need to turn off the device, allowing background applications to continue running. However, if the period of inactivity is too long, it can drain the battery faster. To prolong the battery life, it is essential to adjust the period of inactivity before the sleep mode activates.

To make these adjustments, go to the Home menu and select System Settings. Scroll down to the Sleep Mode section and select the appropriate inactivity time before sleep mode is activated, either 3 or 5 minutes.

Gaming habits

Finally, managing your gaming style is also essential to enjoy longer gaming sessions on the Nintendo Switch Lite. To keep battery power, it’s best to play more intense games while at home, where charging the battery is more accessible.

What to do if you see your Nintendo Switch Lite draining the battery too fast

To monitor your usage, a Nintendo Switch Lite has a battery charge indicator. If the indicator displays fast battery drain, it could indicate a problem with the battery, charging system, or the indicator itself. In such cases, professional repairs for the charging hardware or battery may be necessary.

However, if you can still use the device even when the battery appears to be running low, it might be a sign of faulty battery charge indicator settings. To correct this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Settings and check for system updates.
  2. Turn off Auto-Sleep mode when the screen is in use by selecting the ‘Never’ option.
  3. Charge the battery using the recommended AC adapter and wait until it reaches 100%.
  4. Unplug the AC adapter and let the device remain on the Home menu for 3-4 hours to drain the battery.
  5. When the battery is nearly empty, turn off the console and keep it off for 30 minutes.
  6. Repeat steps 2-6 a few times to improve the battery charge display.
  7. If the battery charge indicator is still inaccurate, seek professional repairs for your Switch Lite.

Can I replace the battery on my Nintendo Switch Lite by myself?

If the aforementioned methods fail to solve the problem, you can opt to replace the battery of your Nintendo Switch Lite. This will provide a lasting resolution and is a task that you can easily perform on your own.

Once you have removed the back panel and shield plate using a Y screwdriver, it is possible to detach the battery. It is crucial to have the necessary tools such as an opening tool, and a spudger to handle the process delicately. It may also be helpful to use tweezers to disconnect the cables attaching the battery.

Isopropyl alcohol can be used to weaken the adhesive used to attach the battery, while an opening pick can be used to disconnect it from the edges. Additionally, a plastic card can be utilized to lift the battery while a microfiber cloth cleans any adhesive or solution around the internal area.

When replacing the damaged battery, it is recommended to use a high-quality OEM product as recommended by Nintendo. Doing so will provide a longer gaming time and an improved gaming experience.

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