Bytech gaming headset review

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Cheaper gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days but finding a high-quality headset for a low price is exceedingly tough. Today, we’ve got one gaming headset that’s hoping to break into that affordable but good segment of the market, and that’s the Bytech gaming headset.

It’s a surprising product from a relatively less known company in the gaming hemisphere, but that only make it all the more intriguing. Boasting a gamer aesthetic with LED lights and an affordable price tag, we’re eager to see just what exactly it’s made of! So, without further ado, let’s get right into Bytech gaming headset Review!

Unboxing experience

The Bytech gaming headset comes in a fairly stereotypical ‘gamer product’ box. It proudly boasts that it’s a gaming headset on the top and front, as most affordable gaming headsets do. In terms of build, the box is made of thin cardboard, which is what we’ve come to expect at this price tag. But that’s enough about the box, how about what’s inside it?

Things are still kept quite simple post-opening, because there’s not really all that much other than the bare essentials. You get the Bytech gaming headset itself, as you would expect, and there really isn’t anything else. Oh, there’s also an adapter that allows you to combine the microphone and headphone audio cables into one 3.5mm headphone cable if your laptop doesn’t have both two audio slots.

We do appreciate there being no plastic inserts here whatsoever, even if it’s overall quite standard. It means the whole box is recyclable, which isn’t the most important thing, but it’s a nice touch for a cheaper piece of packaging like this.

Design, build quality and comfort

Build quality is where most cheap gaming headsets fail the hardest. They’re typically pretty fragile due to their cheap plastic construction, breaking at the very slightest hint of pressure. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how the Bytech gaming headset fares.

Thankfully, the Bytech gaming headset doesn’t suffer from the absolutely abysmal durability issues of many different cheap headphones. While it’s still made up entirely of plastic, it feels solid enough to take a few drops without breaking. With that said, it’s also not the most rigid feeling pair of headphones, so you’ll still want to take care when handling them.

Bytech gaming headset lineup

The cord on the headphones are also fairly standard rubberized cables, nothing to really write home about. They’re functional, look fine and work exactly as intended. There’s a cushion beneath the headrest of the headphones, and it allows them to sit snugly on your head during gaming.

When it comes to the size of the headphones, extending them out feels solid and not too stiff, which is great. Again, while the build quality here isn’t exactly the best we’ve seen, it’s still solid for its price tag. Good stuff so far from Bytech!

Over on the comfort side, we find the headphone pads which are a bit on the stiff side. The headphones don’t fit too tightly on your head, but the pleather pads can still fatigue your ears after a while. It’s a common issue with many headphones, even some more expensive ones. Also, we find the microphone on the left, and it’s not very adjustable, though it works fine at its present distance.

Design-wise, there isn’t too much to say. The LEDs that light up are quite bright and don’t look bad at all, which is nice. Outside of that however, they very much hit that gamer aesthetic that many people look for in gaming peripherals these days. If it appeals to you, then you’ll love it. If not, then the bright colors and lights probably aren’t going to do much to sway you.

Sound quality

The most important thing to consider when buying a pair of headphones is sound quality, so how exactly does the Bytech gaming headset sound? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. There are strengths and cons to talk about here, so let’s take a look at the positives first.

When it comes to gaming, they’re quite solid. While they don’t exactly get too loud, the clarity is good. In terms of situational sound, it’s more than easy enough to hear which direction a sound is coming from. Big booming bass also lends itself nicely to a gaming environment, making big sound effects like explosions powerful as they should be.

The downside to the sound is that it can be quite tinny at times, and the treble can get overshadowed by the bass. As we said, this isn’t too big of a problem if you’re primarily using these headphones for gaming. But if you’re planning on listening to music, it’ll be a bit of an issue. Highs can be overblown, lows can get a little strong, and the tinny sound can tire you out during longer use sessions.

On the brighter side however, the microphone quality is shockingly good! It consistently picks up the wearer’s voice, and the sound that it produces is loud and clear. Sibilance and white noise aren’t too bad either, and for the price it’s quite astonishing what you get. It rivals some much more expensive gaming headphones in this regard, and we’re pretty pleased.


Overall, we find the Bytech gaming headset to be a good pair of headphones if you’re mainly looking for something that to wear while gaming. The build quality here is above average, and they’re affordable enough that you can afford to toss them around in a bag. Big booming sound and crystal-clear sounds are the name of the game here, and it works great for games.

If you’re not exactly a demanding user and are just looking for a reliable and cheap pair of headphones for gaming, you’re in luck! The Bytech gaming headset works great for exactly that, and microphone working so well is an extra for online gamers. If you’re planning on listening to a lot of music though, this may not be the best choice, though it’s workable.

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