How long do Airpods last before they break

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Have you ever thought how long do Airpods last before they break? This is the question everyone also think of when spending a considerable amount of money on those. The novelty factor and of course the Apple brand are the two main driving factors to this decision, and after the fact, we would want the durability and longevity of the product to be at par with its value. Putting aside all conspiracy theories about planned obsolescence, the life span of the Airpods is tight closely to its care and usage pattern. This is a key factor determining how long do Airpods last.

All odds against us for a prolonged product life

The first thing we need to consider is the fact Airpods are powered with batteries, and batteries die over time. This is an immutable and unfortunate fact, affecting not only Airpods, but any other type of product that is battery-powered. This doesn’t necessarily has to do much with the quality of the product, all the components on the Airpods are built with fairly superior quality. Rather, it is something that leans a little bit more towards the fact batteries loose their ability to charge and hold the power for longer periods of time when they are old.

Needless to say, any fall or significant hit to the units, even when inside the case, can cause them to malfunction and therefore render useless. Following this same direction, if the Airpods come in contact with water, even humidity, can be the source for them not to work properly and hence need a replacement.

On the other hand, the replacement or death of the Airpods sometimes doesn’t have to do with malfunction. One of the most common reason people discontinue its use is because they loose one of the earpieces. Although Apple has designed Airpods to be able to use one-at-a-time, it is still a wanky experience because of the detriment on the sound quality having just one speaker.

How long do Airpods last?

Airpods have a life expectancy of 2 years. That is at its most how long do Airpods last. This can be shorten or stretched according to the usage and charging pattern. This is a rather short period of time for a product with such a high price tag. This has been the biggest problem with Apple products since forever: They just don’t want you to get too comfortable with one model. Even taking a good care of them, you will notice a major drop in their playback time, the ability to charge and maintaining the power.

When new, the Airpods can last up to 5 hours of continued use. This gets reduced to 2 hours straight if using the Airpods while talking in hands-free mode, and even less if you crank the volume all the way up. Additionally, there are special features that can impact the duration of each individual charge, like the noise cancellation, ear detection and other smart features.

In short, throughout the course of the Airpods’ life, you will notice a decrease in the battery performance, and an important drop in the duration of the charge. When you pass the 1 year mark with your Airpods chances are they won’t last 2 hours of continuous use. By the time you reach the point the charge on your Airpods doesn’t give you the 1 hour usage back, they will render useless.

What to do to prolong the life span of my Airpods?

When thinking how long do Airpods last, if you think their life expectancy is too low, there are a few things you can do to stretch the life out of your Airpods:

1. Keep volume levels within a certain threshold

It is a fact that when you listen to music of videos with a higher volume, you will consume more battery power. By lowering your Airpods you not only get better battery performance, you also prevent any harm to your hearing. High volume is a determined factor to hearing loss. An irreversible impairment that can cause you a lot more trouble than a new pair of Airpods.

2. Disabling the Noise Cancelation feature

There are a set of features in the Apple Airpods app that deal with optimizing the sound quality on your speakers. This set of featues is called “Noise Functions”. The Transparency Mode as well as the Noise Cancelation features take their toll on the battery and they have a tremendous effect on it. These options can be controlled through your mobile app and we highly recommend to turn them off for good.

3. Disable Smart Features

Another novelty additions are the so called “Smart Features”. Functionality like detecting when you put your earpieces on to switch or route the audio of your device to the Airpods, Voice Commands or even the Double tapping functionality takes a huge load of battery power to operate. It is wise that, if you normally don’t use or need these features, to disable them to minimize the impact to the battery.

4. The weather can harm your Airpods

This is a no brainer, but we are going to toss it here anyways. Using the Airpods under direct sun light and heat, and also on extreme cold or mild humidity can harm our units.

5. Saving them temporarily out of their case

The Airpods case is made in a way that is extremely portable and convenient to carry. One of its main purpose is to enclose the earpieces and prevent them from getting lost. If you misplace the units, you are in for risking them to be lost forever. The recommendation is to always keep your earpieces inside their case. It is more difficult to loose the case than a single unit.

6. Avoid playing with the earpieces

Another obvious, yet pretty common cause of damage on the Airpods units is user carelessness. When you play with your earpieces, throw them against surfaces, fiddle with them, give them to your cat as a treat (unheard of, but possible) you also contribute degenerating its useful life and how long do Airpods last.

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