How to disable fn key on Lenovo laptop

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Like many other laptop keyboards, Lenovo has standard keys and keys that can be used in combination with other to achieve other functions. The idea behind having an auxiliary function key is to extend the capabilities of the keyboard beyond the original set of instructions. This is done, in many cases, due the fact laptops are more reduced in size than its counterpart made for desktops. Many laptops also have the “Function” row of keys which goes from F1 to F12 alongside with a “fn” button to perform additional actions. The only problem is the F1 to F12 functionality gets hindered by the “special functions” mode, and if you need the F’s keys for mapping keys to a game or shortcut you will not be able to use it. There is a turn-around to this: In this article we will teach you how to disable fn key on Lenovo laptop.

How to disable fn key on Lenovo laptop

If your Lenovo laptop is branded “Think”, then this is called Hotkeys functionality and it is a task extremely easy to perform. The procedure on how to disable fn key on Lenovo “Think” branded products goes like this: Press fn + esc key,  this will enable or disable the Hotkeys functionality of your laptop in a toggle mode, pretty much like the caps lock functions.

When enabled, the F1 to F12 legacy function keys won’t be accessible directly. You will have to press the fn key, and while holding it, press the “F” key you want. Once disabled, you can access these directly, but you will lose the ability to access the additional functionality of the Hotkeys.

If your laptop is branded Lenovo, then you are in for a rougher road. To perform this task in Lenovo branded products you need access to the Bios configuration of your computer. To go to your Bios configuration, log off from your Windows user (Windows 8.1 / 10) and once on the login screen do the following:

  1. Press and hold Shift key (keep pressed until stated otherwise).
  2. Click on the power functions icon and select “Restart”.
  3. The computer will restart, but a blue screen will load.
  4. Now you can release the Shift key.

Depending on the model and Windows version this procedure might change. Please refer to the specific guidelines of your laptop if this doesn’t work for you. There are other sequences on which you have to press a key right at the system booting stage to gain access. Once you are on the Bios screen configuration, here is how to disable fn key on Lenovo laptop branded products:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab.
  2. Search for the “Hotkey Mode” option and click it.
  3. You will have to set it Enabled/Disabled according to your liking.
  4. Select the Save and Exit option, to which you will have to confirm with Enter.

How to toggle the fn key on any other laptop

Depending on the manufacturer, and unlike how to disable fn key on Lenovo laptop, if we were to have any other brand of computers, the fn key toggle can be done by pressing fn + Caps Lock. On other cases, there will be a padlock icon as a secondary action on any given key. The location of the key having this icon will tell you that, by pressing fn alongside that specific key will toggle the fn “functionality”.

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