What to do if your Lenovo Laptop is not turning on

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Lenovo is an excellent brand in the technology field. It has a reputable history in the market and a considerably broad portfolio of products. In the portable computer niche, Lenovo also has an important presence in the corporate sector, with office and business oriented products, being two of its main brands the ThinkPad and ThinkBook. However, its good reputation does not prevent users from finding problems with some of its products, such as a battery not charging issues, or one of the most common: your Lenovo Laptop not turning on.

If we find ourselves in the situation that our Lenovo Laptop does not want to turn on, there is a method of fixing this, that works in most cases. The most common, easiest and quickest way to solve this situation is by unplugging the power supply cable and removing the battery from the unit. Then you must press the Power button for 30 seconds. Once this time has passed, release the Power button, connect the power cord (without installing the battery), and press power to turn on the laptop. If you see that the computer turns on, you can reinstall the battery again.

Follow these steps if still your Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on

Despite performing this first sequence of steps, sometimes your Lenovo Laptop or Lenovo Yoga is not turning on due to other causes. If you see that your computer does not turn on after using the cable and power button method, depending on the diagnosis your computer has, we have compiled a series of steps so that you can verify what is happening with your laptop and manage to solve it.

1 – Your Lenovo laptop does not turn on any check status light

The first check you are going to carry out is to verify if your computer is turning on the status lights. Depending on the model of Lenovo laptop you have, the status lights will be located to the side at the bottom of the screen, or else, in the area near the outer edge, where you connect the power cable.

If you see that after pressing the power button your computer does not turn on any of the status check lights, first check that the wall outlet is working properly. To verify this, disconnect your laptop from the connector and try to connect any other electronic device, a lamp, radio or whatever you have on hand, to check that the power outlet has electricity.

In the event that the power connection is working properly, but the laptop does not turn on any lights or status signals, proceed to the next step.

2 – Check the power supply cable of your equipment

This step might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to know how often your Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on due to this cause. On many occasions, depending on the model of your computer, you will see that the power connector is composed of two cables that are connected simultaneously in a small transformer box to reduce the voltage to the corresponding measure. Many times this connection is not made properly and the cable is loose at this point. Verify that this connection is firmly attached.

Likewise, sometimes the power supply cable twists or kinks, which can lead to a failure in the power load. Also check the physical integrity of the power cable to rule out that the connection to the power is the cause that your Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on.

3 – Your Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on with only the battery

If you’ve reached this point, and your Lenovo computer still won’t turn on, it’s time to check the battery. First, we are going to remove the battery from the unit. Make a quick visual inspection of the battery, focusing mainly that the battery does not show signs of distortion, bumps, or that it does not look bloated. If you have any of these symptoms, this could most likely be the cause of the unit not turning on. If not, re-insert the battery again, making sure that all contact points fit properly and that the battery fits snugly against the body of the laptop. Press the Power button (without the power cord connected). If you still see that your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, go to the next step.

4 – The emergency Lenovo CMOS reset button

The BIOS system of our Lenovo computer, and mostly all brands of other manufacturers, is powered by a small memory integrated in the motherboard known as Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor or CMOS. If for some reason, the computer experiences a problem due to a BIOS configuration error, we should have a way to reset our configuration to the factory settings physically. This is why we have the possibility to re-initialize our configuration in this way.

In the brand’s terms, this method is known as the “Lenovo emergency reset”. To access it, we must turn our Lenovo laptop with the bottom facing up. If your Lenovo laptop model has this option, you will see a small hole with a button inside (sometimes it will have a text label that says “reset”). Press the reset button for 2 or 3 seconds with a paper clip or some other pointy object. Then flip your laptop over again and press the Power button. If your Lenovo Laptop is not turning on, proceed to the next step.

5 – The NOVO button

Lenovo laptop is not turning on

Depending on the laptop model you have, especially IdeaPad models, you will find a dedicated key on the keyboard, near the Power button, and in some cases on the frame, outside of the unit. This key is known as the NOVO button, which main function is to reset the system and return to the BIOS recovery settings. In some cases, this button will be inside an indentation in the computer, to avoid being pressed by accident.

Press this button, and you will see a pop-up menu with some options. Here you must select the system recovery option. You will see that the computer will reboot.

If after this step, you still cannot get your Lenovo laptop to stay on or there are other indicators that your computer is only partially working, continue with the next step.

6 – My Lenovo screen display is off

If you have reached this step, you can already see that your comparator turns on and you have signs of life (the fans of the processor sounds and the status indicator lights turn on). If you see that the screen of your computer remains off, even when you see that the computer is on, try to lower the lid of the laptop, after a few seconds slowly open it again.

If you do not regain visibility on your screen display or do not see any flickering on the screen, it is very likely that you are dealing with problems with physical components of your laptop. Items like the display flex ribbon, or your screen should need a replacement. In this case, you need the help of an authorized Lenovo dealer.

7 – Bad Lenovo power port

This step requires a complementary technical skill to be able to carry it out. If you have access to the tool and knowledge of how to use a multi-meter, you can measure the voltage coming from the power cord. If you detect that the output is good and is a constant current, it is very likely that there will be some kind of interruption from that point on. The suspect component in this case is the power cable connection port, which is sometimes damaged and the power supply is interrupted.

If this is the cause of your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, you will need to have your equipment serviced.

8 – The battery needs replacement

We’ve already talked about a few battery considerations. The truth is that in the case of having a defective battery, the only solution within our reach is to replace it. If we are faced with this problem, the computer, as a form of security, will detect this failure and will not turn on.

Whether we opt for an original replacement or not, the ideal would be to test with the battery of a similar device, of the same model, to rule out if this is certainly the cause of the problem.

9 – Blinking power button or flashing

On some occasions, we randomly cause the sleep mode to take effect. This mode could many times be confused with some equipment malfunction, since the screen display turns off and the sounds of fans and equipment operation are reduced. The suspicion that something bad is happening is intensified when sometimes, neither by pressing the power button, or by closing and opening the lid of the laptop, returns the computer to a normal state.

This is a very famous glitch and it has nothing to do with your laptop brand. This error happens frequently with Windows, and the only way to fix it is to keep pressing the power button for 15 seconds until we see that the computer shuts down completely. Once off, we can turn on our computer normally.

10 – Any loose or badly installed component

Some slightly more curious users may experience that their Lenovo laptop won’t turn on due to some improperly installed component. If you did any hardware configuration or upgrade recently, this would be a very good indicator of why your computer won’t turn on. These computers, as a security measure, will prevent the start-up if they detect that any component is not working properly.

The easiest way to solve this problem in this case is to access the part that is causing the problem and make sure it is installed correctly. It is good to remove and replace the component in question to ensure that it is properly installed.

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