Your Lenovo battery not charging? Fix it with these tips

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Lenovo is a high-quality manufacturer of consumer electronics such as tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. They are famous for their ThinkPad laptop series, which has a reputation of being one of the most durable on the market. Lenovo was founded in Beijing, China in 1984, and incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988. They have over 170 offices and support centres around the world with 12 international headquarters.

Lenovo laptops consistently rank at the top for laptop reliability in customer surveys. This is due to excellent engineering. In fact, they, not only design laptops for every type of user but also desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, servers, storage devices and other network server systems. In fact, they are the world’s second-largest vendor of personal computers and have been the top vendor in China for years.

If you happen to own a Lenovo laptop such as a ThinkPad, Yoga or Legion then you will own a laptop with an excellent reputation, positive reviews, extremely long battery life, solid performance. Many have had extensive benchmark testing by review sites and reviewers but if you do use one, it is essential that you use only genuine Lenovo batteries to be able to make the most out of your laptop. A fake battery will cause damage to your laptop or even spoil its proper functioning.

Sadly, despite the quality manufacturing, every Lenovo laptop user may still experience some problems with a Lenovo battery not charging. Lenovo has invested a lot of time and money into making sure their products are safe, reliable, and now even provide Lenovo Vantage which enable you to manage your Lenovo setting s, however all electronic devices are especially personal computers can malfunction at some point in time. It is important to know how to solve your computer problems so that you can have an efficient and worry-free computing experience if one ever crops up.

Why is my Lenovo battery not charging?

Lenovo battery not charging

A battery issue are the most common problems faced by laptops. These problems can usually be fixed with a simple computer check up exploring your Lenovo setting s; however, if the problem is more severe it is recommended to contact a computer technician for assistance. In this article, we will share our troubleshooting tips to help you if your Lenovo battery is not charging because of the following issues:

  1. The computer will not start or charge when plugged into the wall with its power cable and/or when it is switched on.
  2. The computer stops charging when reaching a certain battery percentage and the Lenovo battery icon on your computer is displaying a low battery or no power status.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you really don’t need to worry straight away as you are not alone. We have some solutions for you that may help solve your problem.

Before you start, it is important to make sure that your computer has the right charger for your Lenovo battery. If your battery is not charging because of a faulty power adapter or damaged AC adapter, you should try using a different power cable or another AC adapter. If the computer charge indicator lights up when you connect the charger to the laptop, but it does not charge your Lenovo battery, the problem may lie in your laptop.

Why is my laptop plugged in and not charging?

If your Lenovo will not start or charge when plugged into the wall and/or when it is switched on, you should first try resetting it to see if that resolves the issue. Many of us are prone to leave a laptop permanently on standby rather than turning it off. Turn off your Lenovo Laptop then unplug the charger. Wait a minute, then remove the battery from the laptop for a couple of minutes. Press the Power button for 30 seconds without anything connected to it (no battery or charger connected). Then put the battery and power adapter back in and turn on your laptop to see if it charges.

If its solution fails after resetting your laptop, the issue may be a hardware problem in your laptops such as an out-of-date battery driver or missing driver. We will look at how to resolve these shortly.

Why is my laptop not charging when it reaches a certain battery percentage?

If your Lenovo stops charging when reaching a certain percentage, for example when it reaches 55% then the problem lies in your laptop as a custom battery charge threshold has been enabled on your laptop and this is preventing the Lenovo battery from charging. Disable this threshold setting in your power settings then save the change. Turn off your computer then unplug the AC adapter. Wait a minute, then remove the battery from the laptop for a couple of minutes. Press and release the power button for 30 seconds without anything connected to it (no battery or charger connected). Then put the battery back in and turn on your computer to see if it charges.

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. If not, see below for a battery device driver update.

Updating a Battery Driver

Lenovo battery not charging

Even if your Lenovo battery power is not charging, there could be a software problem with your computer or Lenovo battery settings. One last option could be to check your battery driver as this can impact your battery charging. If you have an outdated battery driver you may experience battery issues and find yourself with a poor battery level. Download an update it if it is not the most recent version with your current OS.

To do this visit the Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Utility page and download and install the latest version of your battery driver.

Another option available is to install Lenovo Vantage which is software produced by Lenovo that makes it far easier to manage your device settings, support performance and help when issues arise. You can download the Lenovo Vantage software free here to run diagnostics, request support and much more.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem and your Lenovo is still not charging when reaching a certain percentage, the battery may have failed and requires replacement! Thankfully almost all laptops nowadays have hardware components and removable batteries which can be replaced individually or in a battery pack. You should contact your Lenovo laptop supplier if it is still under guarantee, visit a local IT or Computer repair service to explore your Lenovo technical support issues and get a new replacement laptop battery.

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