Everything about the new Nvidia RTX 3080 ti

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The world of computer gaming continues to evolve as new devices, stronger hardware, and more demanding software continue to push the limits of what computers can do and how good games can look. Nvidia has long been a leader in the graphics card industry, rivalled only by AMD in the quality and power of the cards they offer and the continued innovation they display with each new product serves to push the envelope of what is possible in the realm of graphical fidelity. It is time for Nvidia to take a stance on this battle with its newly RTX 3080 ti model.

Released on June 3rd, the 3080 ti is intended to serve as the next leap in graphics cards and serve as Nvidia’s new flagship model for the foreseeable future. A myriad of enhanced functions are included with this new card, allowing your gaming experience to be taken beyond its limits. Gaming is not the only use for the 3080 ti either, as it has support for those who make art using applications such as Blender, dramatically reducing the time needed to render complex scenes and images, allowing for a smoother and faster workflow. This card is the next big leap in graphics hardware, and it would be foolish not to view it as such.

Physical specifications

The retail model for the 3080 ti is 11.2 inches long, 4.4 inches wide, and 1.6 inches tall, making its size something to be considered when building a new PC from scratch. It is by no means a gigantic card, though it is larger than its predecessor the 2080 ti. If you have been using that card, and found that it is a tight squeeze, then you might need to make some adjustments when making the switch to the 3080 ti.

The 3080 ti features a dual cooling system, allowing the device to stay cool even when working with rather heavy graphical loads. Power is drawn into the unit via 1 x 12 pin power connector, with the maximum wattage sitting at 350 W. Connecting to the rest of your PC is done with the help of a PCI-Express 4.0 x 16 interface, while the display output options are one HDMI port and three DisplayPort.

There are also 320 Tensor Cores present in the card, used in a special AI system. Shading units within the card sit at 10240, while Texture Mapping Units are also 320 strong. The card also boasts 112 Render Output Units to work alongside the Shading units Ray tracing is supported by 80 cores built for the job, all backed by 12 gigabytes of memory. The GPU itself operates at 1365 MHz, though this can be further enhanced to 1665 MHz if desired.

Features on the Nvidia RTX 3080 ti

The 3080 ti offers a wide selection of features and accommodations owing to its enhanced hardware. Running on the Ampere architecture, the 3080 ti is a beast under the hood. It is a vast improvement over both the 1080 ti, and 2080 ti, surpassing them in speed and visual fidelity. Enhanced support for ray tracing has also been included with the 3080 ti, allowing for the lighting in your games to be rendered in real time, further enhancing the visual fidelity and cinematic quality of the games you are playing.

Machine learning technology has also been incorporated into the 3080 ti, in the form of the Deep Learning Super Sampling feature, or DLSS for short. The DLSS system uses AI rendering to bolster the frame rates the card can produce, allowing for higher settings to be enabled in games without any loss in performance. This is carried out by the inclusion of 320 Tensor Cores built into the card, bringing the benefits of AI technology into the world of graphical rendering.

Nvidia RTX 3080 ti

Those who use their computer to create rather than simply for recreation will also be satisfied by the enhanced features of the 3080 ti, as it possesses a myriad of functions and drivers that help bolster the output of many applications such as Blender, Autodesk Arnold, and Adobe Dimension. Rendering speed is enhanced greatly by the AI features present within the 3080 ti, and the support for ray tracing allows for photorealism that will leave you breathless. Other programs used for creation in the Adobe Suite, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator also benefit from the enhanced speed offered by the 3080 ti as 3D effects are rendered at a breakneck speed, meaning you can spend more time creating instead of waiting.

Streaming is also enhanced by the 3080 ti, alongside companion apps offered by Nvidia such as Nvidia Studio. The burden of encoding your video is taken off your CPU, and handled instead by your GPU, allowing you to run other CPU heavy tasks alongside your broadcast. This also boosts the frame rate that is present for viewers, allowing them to feel right in the action instead of left lagging behind. Nvidia Studio, alongside the 3080 ti, also helps in the editing department if you want to convert your streams into videos for future viewing, or if you are grabbing highlights to share. AI tools allow you to effortlessly remove background noise, create backgrounds, and even remove visual noise from video renders. All these features make the 3080 ti a versatile card that can be used both for leisure as well as productivity.


The price for the standard model 3080 ti currently sits at $1,199, about $500 more expensive than its non ti counterpart the 3080. Expect some difficulty in finding it however, as it has sold out quickly in many retailers despite this large price tag. Some suspect that the card is being grabbed up by scalpers to be resold later, though this cannot yet be confirmed. Nvidia has tried to mitigate the quick selling the cards, particularly by those who would use them to mine for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, by intentionally reducing the hash rate offered by the card. This makes the card less desirable to those who would buy them in bulk to sustain a mining operation, though it does not deter scalpers from trying to make a profit from the card.

Best Buy is the most reliable retailer to find the 3080 ti for purchase at, though you will want to act fast as the 3080 ti is simply flying off the shelves, either to legitimate buyers or more nefarious parties.

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