How to connect Xbox to laptop screen as a monitor

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The Xbox One has always been a versatile console, but the ultimate challenge of adaptability is figuring out how to play without an available television or PC monitor. In some households, televisions are shared and monitors may be designated for work. There are complex situations where screens can’t be taken for granted, such as traveling to locations without televisions or simply not being able to afford a new screen. But, now anyone with a laptop can turn the device into a gaming zone. This guide will teach gamers how to connect Xbox to laptop.

How to connect Xbox to laptop through HDMI input

The first step is confirming that the laptop being used has an HDMI input to begin with. If users want to use their laptop screens to display content from video games or external sources, it depends on the type of HDMI port available. It’s pretty unique for a laptop to have an HDMI input port. Most laptops are not designed for console-to-laptop gaming nor is it normal for a laptop to have similar ports as a PC monitor. There are a decent amount of laptops engineered with full built-in input and output ports for displaying external video.

The default port on a “regular” laptop usually only has HDMI output ports. This means that the laptop is only able to feed audio and video to an external monitor by sending signals to digital devices, which will take in those signals and process them. But, no image signal can be sent from an external plane to the laptop, therefore not being able to display images. Laptops would specifically need an HDMI input in regards to how to connect Xbox to laptop.

HDMI outputs cannot support incoming signals from all HDMI because specific signals need to be decoded. The laptop would’ve needed to be built with the specific hardware to do that. Unfortunately, the majority of laptops don’t usually have this type of hardware. Additionally, laptop screens are working with different voltages than regular PC monitors. Laptop screens are LCD panels that use LVDS or low-voltage differential signalling. These operate at low power, but can run at very high speeds. Laptop screens definitely cannot be compared to televisions or PC monitors at all. Although ports visually look the same on the side of every laptop, it is recommended that the manufacturer’s laptop specifications are researched beforehand. This will provide the user information as to whether the laptop carries input or output ports or not.

When the laptop has a complete HDMI input

There are a few laptops available for purchase that carry an HDMI input. Some of the well-known models are Alienware M17x, the M18x, R4, and the Alienware 18. The market isn’t huge for laptops with this feature, but users seeking how to connect Xbox to laptop may find this specification to be a crucial one.

How to connect Xbox to laptop

Nearly all laptops are equipped with a “Standard A” HDMI output and “Standard A” sized cables, as well. If a pro-gamer happened to own a laptop with the correct HDMI output, they would now be able to use an HDMI cable to create an input-to-output connection. The first step would be to hook up the Xbox to the laptop with the HDMI cable, which is what creates the transmission exchange of true-color video and high-res audio. Those who are curious as to how to connect Xbox to laptop should get familiar with HDMI cables and what they do.

The cables usually have 19-pin plug connectors. Unlike other plugs, there are no male or female ends, or left and right channels. Both ends of the plug are the same and the main difference is whether the HDMI port is an input or output. After the HDMI cables are plugged in, access the laptop’s settings and select “display.” Confirm that the display is on mode if it is not already. The laptop should be all set at this point and now the Xbox requires a slight adjustment. On the Xbox, access “system settings” and customize what the screen size and resolution should be. Don’t skip this step because it is what will allow seamless visual gameplay between the Xbox and laptop.

How to Get a Laptop to Read HDMI Input

Users who insist on using default laptops for HDMI inputs can purchase external hardwares that can convert HDMI output ports to HDMI inputs. There’s a variety of capture cards or adapters that allow users to figure out how to connect Xbox to laptop. To clarify, there is still no way that gaming could happen via the Xbox on a laptop if there is no HDMI input, but OBS software or open broadcaster software can help gamers and content creators who want to record or stream content from their Xbox.

The user would need to buy a USB HDMI game capture card, which would allow the streaming and recording of gameplay. USB HDMI cards can be pricey, but provide a distinctive service depending on the gamer’s lifestyle. It would probably make more financial sense to purchase a cheap PC or monitor than a capture card.

Using the XBox App If the Laptop Has No HDMI Input

For the gamers who are interested in learning how to connect Xbox to laptop with a laptop that doesn’t have an HDMI input, just download the XBox app. The Windows app streams the game from the Xbox to any PC monitor or laptop via a basic WLAN connection.

The Xbox app revolutionized gaming by allowing any laptop to connect to an Xbox console despite what kind of inputs and outputs existed. Once the gamer confirms that their laptop has at least 2 GB of RAM and a 1.5 GHz processor, and uses Windows 10, they just need to confirm the network. The Xbox and laptop must both use the same home network in order to use the app through an ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi.

Start Streaming Games from the Xbox App

Start by making sure the Xbox’s game streaming setting is enabled. On the laptop, open the Xbox app and choose the “connection” option. Selecting this will initiate a scan of the area as it searches for accessible consoles on the same home network. Simply select the gamer’s correct console and a streaming option should appear. Click the stream option and gamers can now play on any available laptop.

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