How to leverage technology for productivity and mental health

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You don’t need to spend all your time debating whether technology is good or bad; all you need to do is recognize the potential it presents and learn how to apply that knowledge to your daily life.

Today, we’ll discuss how to set up your own “technology environment,” which will improve your ability to recall and organize new knowledge, as well as what tools will make your job run smoothly.

Gadgets for activity and health

A vibrant existence full of many experiences, where there is room for varied kinds of physical exercise and creativity, is the key to a successful career.

You can keep track of the balance between mental and physical activity with the aid of smart watches and fitness wristbands. These devices are made to monitor physical activity and sleep patterns.

You need to drink a lot of water in order for your brain to function fast and effectively. You can memorize information faster, stay active and alert for a longer period of time by downloading an app on your smartphone that will remind you to drink some water and adhering to its instructions.

And for a bit of relaxation between tasks, consider a handheld massager. You must understand that such a gadget cannot be compared with the hands of a professional massage therapist performing, for example, Ukraine massage. Therefore, we advise you to regularly visit a massage room – with the help of a variety of massages and aromatherapy, you can not only relax, but also increase the production of serotonin, which will positively affect your performance.

Gadgets to help you focus

Research shows that constantly switching attention has a negative impact on task performance. But there are gadgets that are specifically designed to help you concentrate and isolate yourself from unnecessary information.

It has been proven that the amount of background noise has an impact on one’s capacity to focus. You can get active noise canceling headphones if you must work in a public area. These earbuds capture background noise and produce sound waves with the same volume but an inverted phase. Such waves cancel each other out when they are stacked, and as a result, silence may be “heard” in them. Having this reduces stress.

We would suggest you use electronic devices using electronic ink technology if you must read a lot of documents. First of all, the e-functionality prevents you from being sidetracked by the Internet or social media. The second benefit of electronic ink technology is that it prevents eyes from being overly weary while working, which is important for the eyes’ overall health.

A simple tool for diving into a state of concentration is the famous Pomodoro timer. This time-management technique breaks work tasks into 25-minute active phases called “pomodoros” that alternate with short breaks. For maximum efficiency, the creator of the method recommends using a mechanical timer so as not to be distracted by other gadgets, but there are a huge number of electronic applications based on the same principle.

Just useful tools for productivity

Stuffiness in the room also doesn’t contribute to productivity. Especially if it is not possible to regularly ventilate the office or leave the house. For such cases, a compact air cleaner is provided. It filters the air around the workplace, directing the cleaned air towards the employee.

In addition, workers often experience headaches, back pain and lethargy – all of which can be caused by poor posture. Stooping impairs blood circulation, and the brain receives less oxygen. As a result, concentration decreases, and drowsiness occurs.

Keeping your back straight without reminders is not an easy task, which a special tracker will help you cope with. The device vibrates every time the spine is in the wrong position. The tracker works in conjunction with the phone through the application and records daily results.

Final few words

In fact, there are no “good” or “bad” gadgets; nevertheless, depending on how we use them, they may be beneficial or harmful. It’s critical to approach using electronic devices with awareness, acknowledging both the advantages and disadvantages of living in the “digital world.” It’s never too late to learn to balance your daily activities and entirely unplug from technology. This is a crucial skill. You will gain self-assurance and achievement in your career and creative endeavours.

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