Netgear N300 vs N600 WIFI routers

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For someone who’s only ever had a desktop computer, getting a wireless router is a daunting task. How do you know which one is best for your home? Is a bigger router better? What about the brand? Does any of it really matter because they all serve the same purpose of transmitting wifi in your home? Let’s take a little time comparing the Netgear N300 vs N600 WIFI router models.

Netgear routers

In the case of wireless routers, branding does matter. You’ll need to find a reliable router that won’t need to be replaced after a few months and one that will provide wifi to your entire house without dead spots. Your new router will need to provide the speed you need when accessing the internet and, depending on how many active devices you have in your home, should be able to function without lagging. One of the best companies in wireless routers is Netgear and they have a few different models on the market. Today, we’ll be focusing on two of Netgear’s best routers, the N300 vs N600. Both routers may seem, just from name alone, that they’re just different versions of the same model, but depending on what you’ll be utilizing a router for, they’ve got some very clear differences. So, let’s see the Netgear N300 vs N600 and find out which one is the best.

Netgear N300 vs N600

To begin, let’s start with what both models have in common. They were created by the same company and are known to be some of the most successful routers on the market. They’re durable, reliable, and their reviews speak for themselves in terms of how well they serve the people who purchased them. That being said, looking at pictures of them side by side, it’s not easy to spot the difference.

So, what makes these routers so different if they look so similar? To do that, we need to break down exactly what the letters and numbers mean in the names of the routers, in order to get a better idea as to what they do. Then, we can look into their specifications to learn more about how they run and what the differences are between the two. Although these routers are the same size, there’s still a lot of differences between them on how they’re meant to function.

Netgear N300 vs N600

The ‘N’ at the start of the model number indicates the amount of speed that the models offer when you’re accessing the internet, based on its stream and how many bands it has. A stream is basically what carries the wifi and allows your devices to communicate with the router. A band describes how the data is carried from the router to your device by using radio waves set to certain frequencies. You’d think that the N300 would have less speed in comparison to the N600, based on the numbers next to the ‘N.’ However, the N300 only transmits data on one band while the N600 uses two. This means that even if these models are at the same speed, the N600 may seem faster because it has its data on another frequency to help pick up the slack.

What sets the Netgear N300 vs N600 apart is how well they can handle multiple devices attempting to access the internet. You know that when multiple devices are linked to the same wifi network, it can cause the internet to slow down. This might not be too dramatic, but depending on whether or not your router has a dual-band system, it can slow down even more or face connection issues with some devices. Having a dual-band router allows two different frequencies to be transmitted at once, so this way one band isn’t being overloaded and causing the connections to lag. Dual-band routers are best for homes that have multiple devices being used at once either by large families or by larger office spaces and restaurants. This makes sure that bands are transmitting information as quickly as they can be without sacrificing any wireless speed.

Both models specs

To help with the comparisons, check out the below chart.

Netgear N300VSNetgear N600
300 MBPSWireless speed300 MBPS
802.11nWi-Fi technology802.11n
Medium homesWi-Fi rangeMedium to large homes
2.4 GHzFrequency bands2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
NWireless technologyN
0.67 ounces or 19 gramsWeight0.67 ounces or 19 grams
NoneUSB file sharingYes

Side by side, the specifications of the two routers are actually very similar. However, they differ when it comes to their range, frequency, and if they have USB file sharing. The N300 is noted to be better suited for smaller homes, as its range doesn’t reach places that the N600 can reach. As stated before, the N600 is dual banded and even though it has the same speed as the N300, it’s able to transmit on two different bands at once, which helps to prevent lagging and constant loading.

USB file sharing means that someone in your household can plug a USB storage device into the router and the router will have the capacity to access those files and send their data to other devices if accessed by another phone or computer. This type of feature can be especially handy in an office setting if there’s a shared set of documents that all users need access to. This can also work in a large home setting if there are multiple rooms throughout the house that are sharing the same router, but need to access the same files.


Both routers utilize the same technology from Netgear that makes them reliable purchases. However, they’re best used for different situations and areas where a wireless connection is needed. The N300 might be best for a smaller home that doesn’t utilize a lot of devices or a smaller office space with only a few employees. The N600 would be best for a larger home with a large amount of devices or an office setting with over a dozen employees using their devices at the same time. Both are equally great purchases and should be researched if you find yourself in need of a router. Get the one that will suit your needs best and you won’t go wrong.

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