Play Station 5 retailers restock: You will finally get yours

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Still up to this point in time it is extremely difficult to put your hands on a Play Station 5. There are many reasons that contribute to this console shortage. Among them, the holiday season and the scalpers taking over the whole console market. However, a few retailers restock options like Target and Sony Direct emerged out of nowhere for Play Station 5 in the USA. There is also rumours in the UK for a massive restock on January. These are refreshing news to give us a little hope as to getting our PS5.

Sony wasn’t expecting the high demand of its latest release: the Play Station 5. It is that, or the inability of the company to counteract the ever changing variables of their supply chain. It is unknown how many units Sony built to meet the market needs. Ultimately the company declared that the unprecedented demand for this console saturated the market and therefore the PS5 shortage.

Play Station retailers restock are happening shyly, but it is happening. If you are still in the look-up for one PS5 don’t give up and keep looking each of these sources. Eventually you will hit the jackpot:

  • Amazon – You can find retailers at convenient prices
  • Sony Direct – There is a preorder queue in order to purchase the console
  • Walmart – Huge haul just ended. Keep looking for updates
  • Target – intermittent availability
  • Gamestop – Watch out for the prices
  • Costco – If you are a member you have a shot here
  • Best Buy – Previously in stock

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