Sony State of Play 2021: Key highlights of the event

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Known franchises, long-awaited sequels, daring aesthetics, and plenty of worlds to explore. Playstation has displayed a good part of its visual power in its new State of Play that, as Sony advised, has not included any news about hardware. But it is an excellent string of new glimpses of games that we already knew and some new ones. These are the key highlights of the event.

Key highlights of the event

Crash Bandicoot 4 – It’s about time

A classic platform game that will use all the power of the new generation console (and the present one) to modernize its proposal without losing the classic flavor. It boasts native 4K at 60 fps, a novel use of the adaptive triggers on the Playstation 5 controller and fast charging.


Time Loops are the new slow motion, and this spectacular Housemarque game about a special pilot lost on an inhospitable planet is the perfect example. Frantic action in a game that promises to be one of the sensations of the season, with its nightmare worlds always different and constantly reformulated and its impressive arsenal. It comes out on April 30.

Knockout City

This multiplatform will arrive on May 21 and its presentation video has been revealed as intense as you would expect in a multiplayer inspired by the dodgeball. You will have to travel large spaces and control the shots with the effect of the ball. A cross play beta is promised to download shortly.


A Sloclap title for which no technical details have been given, but one that has engaged us with its style of a classic martial arts film and its spatial finish that connects with a certain oriental aesthetic of origami and flat colors. It comes out in 2021.

Solar Ash

An indie by Heart Machine (creators of the tremendous ‘Hyper Light Drifter’), which proposes a colorful and evocative platform game, where according to the very words of the presentation, speed, fluidity, and reflections will be valued. A title of exploration and classic breath ability, but in some aspects like the design of the scenarios and some enemies it has a modern flavor.

Five Nights at Freddy – Security Breach

The indie horror franchise has taken a turn towards the first person and less suffocating mechanics with a story set in what appears to be a shopping mall that in its hours of darkness is controlled by the terrifying dolls that we know from the rest of the saga.

Oddworld Soulstorm

Another very classic Playstation saga (its first installments date from the first PSOne) that returns with this graphically exquisite sequel on April 6. We have the cuddly precious sets common in the franchise, humor and some powers that never go out of style, like possession. It will be available for download from launch day on Playstation Plus.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

August 24 is the date announced for this impressive action-exploration adventure with amazing details and an animated film style. Together with the protagonist, they will have to explore a forest and find out what is the sinister threat that disturbs her peace. To help us we will be accompanied by some funny black creatures that will facilitate us, among other things, to make our way through complicated puzzles.


Long awaited new game from Arkane, developers of ‘Prey’ and ‘Dishonored’. We said that time loops are now the thing and this shooter proves it with the story of two rival assassins trapped on an island. They will be forced to repeat the same journey over and over again until they manage to eliminate a series of targets.

Final Fantasy VII – Remake Intergrade

Finally news including ‘Final Fantasy VII’, which has shown both a comparative video with the new version of PS5 and its spectacular visual renovation (free for owners of the PS4 version), as new Playable content headlined by Juffie’s character. It will be part of the Intergrade expansion.

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