The KFConsole: KFC’s new game console packed with specs and a chicken warming chamber

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The fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced the KFConsole, literally a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. This bucket-shaped console promises an incredible performance and display capabilities. It comes with an Intel Core i9 processor outputting 4k display at 240fps, but wait, there is more. As unusual it might sound, it also comes with a drawer-like compartment to warm up your fried chicken.

Quick glance at the specifications

The KFConsole is the product of the partnership of KFC with with Cooler Master, a computer hardware company based in Taiwan. The latter designed and manufactured the console with lots of juicy specs. Among them:

The company is marketing the hardware under KFC Gaming, a new division under KFC’s umbrella. Their marketing campaign boasts the messaging “The console wars are over” implying this new piece of equipment will be the market’s tie-breaker. Moreover, on the console website they keep the same communication premise. One can only hope this product can live up to their promises conquer the console market.

What about the KFConsole “Chicken chamber”?

Now, on the chicken warming tray feature, we have to admit this is something never seen before. However, this has raised a lot of concern in the gaming community because if there are two things that don’t go together are food and gaming hardware. If you think about this, you’d ask yourself questions like: how on earth would a compartment with chicken stay clean and crumbs free? How would the cleaning procedure be like? or do they imagined that is something that requires cleaning every time is used?

KFC gaming console

Another important concern has to do with the sanitary aspects. As you can see, there are 2 fans over the “chicken chamber”. When the console is not in use, dust will accumulate on the unit, making it not as suitable to handle food or anything you would put on your mouth.

It is still a little early to jump into conclusions about the possible success of this console. It is definitely not the type of product we are used to see but let’s see what the future holds for this product.

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