Do tricks and connect to Wi-Fi on the new Audi bike

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Audi adds a sleek new e-bike, called the Wörthersee bike, to its collection of performance-based designs. The two-wheel electric bike model manages to regulate balance through its technology while keeping riders connected to Wi-Fi. The name Wörthersee on the Audi bike also happens to be a stunning lake destination in Austria. The automaker is known for mastering the trademarks of hybrid luxury and functional technicality. After Audi’s purchase of Ducati valued at $1.2 billion in 2012, Audi has been involved in the design of futuristic bikes. Their development of electric bicycles is clearly on trend for the rising popularity of riders who are interested in e-bikes.

The Audi bike overview

Intentionally constructed with an uber-light carbon fiber build, the 3.53-pound frame is paired with 26-inch wheels (made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer) that weigh only 1.32-pounds each. The wheels feature the lustrous “Audi ultra blade” design with broad spokes and a large surface area for enhanced power movement. The swinging arm for the back wheel is also made of CFRP, keeping the bike strong and lightweight. The back wheel is controlled by a chain, which in combination with the electric motor creates a team of parts kept in check by its magnets.

Audi bike

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers are essentially reinforced with fiberglass to keep density levels low and durability high. They’re five times stronger than steel and carry double the stiffness, making the frame perfect for landing BMX tricks and returning bounce to avoid discomfort. CFRP’s are particularly attractive to Audi’s brand for their technical agility and luxury lifestyle branding. The brand already includes these tough fiber components within a range of their vehicles, such as their R8 models. Audi is sensibly allowing their two-wheel bike to follow its design pattern. Altogether, the bike totals at 24-pounds with the 2.3kW motor included, which is connected to the bottom bracket of the bike.

Specs and features

At its fastest, the Audi bike can hit speeds of 51 mph should the rider choose to combine the electric motor and manual pedaling. The bike can be powered in three different ways: via manual pedaling, a combination of manual pedaling and electric power, or by exclusively depending on the electric motor by itself, which reaches about 31 mph on its own. According to Audi, the electric motor “is a permanent magnet synchronous machine; it is located at the lowest point on the frame and drives the bottom bracket shaft directly.” The highly awaited “wheelie” mode developed for trick cycling and stunts allows riders to cruise on the back wheel alone in two of five modes: Pure, Pedelec, eGrip, Power Wheelie, and Balanced Wheelie. Riders could essentially hold a more well-balanced wheelie during intricate stunts. Audi’s gyroscopes and fast-powered computer technology keep the user balanced on the back wheel through each mode. The gyroscopes are meant to detect if the bike is deviating off of a balanced orientation via the Audi bike’s internal technology. It is similar to a segway and its “dynamic stabilization” factor.

With one of the most advanced electric bike concepts, the Audi bike includes high-tech options in the interface of its built-in computer. The computer reads like a smartphone that exhibits the rider’s road speed, slope angle, distance, and trick sequence tracker. The trick sequence recording mode pairs up with Facebook to allow riders to engage in trick challenges. The automaker boasts that the Audi bike will collect movement to decipher tricks and post the stunt data to the rider’s feed. With social media integrated directly into the bike, scoreboards are able to provide worldwide rankings on the display screen via the bike’s Wi-Fi connection. Riders can compete with challengers internationally and show off their skills.

Battery and safety features

When it comes to safety features, the WiFi and electric controls also provide the options to lock and unlock the bike. This can also be accomplished by connecting to smartphones over WLAN, in case the rider wants to unlock the bike with their own smartphone. It’s important to note that since the bike is very easy to lift, riders should take other forms of property protection, too.

The Audi bike functions from a swappable 530Wh lithium-ion battery pack, which can fully be charged in 2.5 hours or changed out for an already fully charged battery. Mounted directly in the frame, the high-performance battery contains an integrated GPS receiver, a USB adapter, and reduced charging times.


Top engineers have created the Audi bike’s cutting-edge materials to reflect the brand’s style. The futuristic electric bike design includes Audi’s trademark LED lights, located on the front and back of the bike. The Audi bike can also be adjusted for comfort or for complicated stunts. The seat can be lowered down to the frame itself or the seat can rise for a more comfortable user position. Through the press of a button within the smartphone interface, the seats can be controlled and locked.

Closing remarks, price and release date

According to the NPD Group, which tracked retail trends in the US, e-bikes have gained even more momentum than regular bicycles, with $490.8 million in US sales for a 144 percent increase year over year. Most major e-bike brands are all reporting record sales during and post-pandemic. Social distancing, accessibility, and sustainability helped lead e-bikes to high popularity during the pandemic. The cost efficiency in comparison to other forms of electric travel is looking promising.

The Audi bike is truly a dynamic blueprint that may change the design of bikes within sports like BMX, or for the occasional electric bike rider. As with everything that the brand represents, no functionality is sacrificed for a sleek look. Audi’s progressive engineering intrigues riders by refusing to fall under a specific category of either sports bike or conventional pedal bike. The neatly packaged high-end pedelec reflects a more progressive hybrid. It goes beyond the limits of what a two-wheeler can or should be.

The Audi bike can definitely be marketed as one of the first athletic bikes with built-in scoreboard technologies. With e-bikes, e-boards, and e-scooters becoming increasingly popular, Audi continues to stay right on-trend. The Wörthersee bike release date and price have not yet been released.

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