HP acquires HyperX for 425Mil

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This news represent an important development within the gaming universe. HP Inc. has purchased HyperX for $425 million. With this purchase, HP acquires one of the largest manufacturers of accessories and peripherals for gamers.

HP has tried to carve out a niche in the peripheral industry in recent years with little success. There are also memory storage products under the brand, although that part of the business will remain with Kingston, selling under their brand or maybe another brand they create after the transaction.

HyperX is one of the most recognized brands in this sector, along with names like Corsair and Logitech. HP had its own catalog of accessories, but with this purchase it managed to acquire a reputed brand and expand the number of products in the process, from headphones with surround sound such as the HyperX Cloud Alpha S to mice such as the Pulsefire, through keyboards, microphones. and even floor mats.

This acquisition will have to receive the approval of the competition agencies, and both expect the agreement to become effective in the second quarter of 2021. At the moment, HP has the OMEN brand as a business vertical for gamers. With the purchase of HyperX, the devices and peripherals of this brand will be incorporated into the OMEN Gaming Hub ecosystem, although it is unknown what will happen with each of the brands.

HP mentions that the PC products sector will grow to $70 millions in 2023, while specifically in the gaming sector will grow to $ 12.2 millions in 2024.

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