Dell U3416W Ultrasharp 34″ curved USB-C monitor review

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Dell has come up with a new piece of a hardware called Dell Ultrasharp 34 curved USB-C monitor U3419W, it comes with IPS- In-plane switching display and a plethora of different ports. For anyone looking for a good substitute for a dual monitor setup, this machine is the perfect choice when used in split-screen mode. It has brilliant colours and an ultra-wide display monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The cardinal feature is the type C USB port which can charge a laptop, simultaneously while displaying the content from the same connection.


The ports in the new Dell Ultrasharp curved monitor, as the name suggests and was mentioned in the introduction come with a type C port. Apart from that, it comes with two HDMI 2.0 port inputs, 2 USB upstream ports, and 4 USB downstream ports from which 2 are provided at the bottom and two on the side. All of these USB ports can be used to charge devices. And as mentioned USB type C can be used to charge a device with a power rating of about 90W which means it can easily supply high-speed charging for laptops and also allow uninterrupted transfer of data through the cable.

Dell U3416W Ultrasharp 34 ports

Frame specs

The monitor is surrounded by a very thin bezel of just a quarter inch. It measures a height of 16.4 inches, a width of about 32 inches, and a depth of about 8.9 inches with the stand. While without the stand the height extends to 20.9 inches when the stand is fully raised. The combined weight of both the panel and the stand comes out to be around 18 pounds.

The tilt range is huge with a 5-degree downward to 21 degrees upward tilt. Thanks to a rotating disc in the base the monitor has a sideways tilt range of 60 degrees with an ability to swivel 30 degrees on each side. There is no pivot control for converting from landscape to portrait or vice-versa, which is expected from ultrawide monitors.

As the case with all the Dell monitors, the new Dell Ultrasharp 34 curved USB-C monitor U3419W comes with five tiny control buttons which are fitted on the bottom-right edge of the frame. These controllers give the user a little hard time operating, as compared to most of the other gaming monitors which have the more intuitive joystick menu controllers.

Dell U3416W Ultrasharp 34 review

The button on the far right is the on/off button, next to it is the menu button. The remainder of the three-button allows the user to control the brightness, contrast, input source, and a host to name a few of the many settings. There are six preset picture modes to choose from, that is Colour Temperature, Custom Colour, Comfort View, Movie, Game, and Standard.


The main feature of the Dell Ultrasharp 34 curved USB-C monitor U3419W is its increased curved display with a maximum pre-set native UWQHD resolution of 3440 by 1440. The monitor refresh rate is 60Hz. The pixel density is around 110 PPI (pixels per inch), this pixel density is a little less as compared to 4k monitors which have about 163 PPI. But this PPI is enough to ensure good image sharpness. The display also has an antiglare with hard-coating 3H, which means regardless of the lighting of the surroundings it is guaranteed to give a flawless viewing experience to the user.

There is no information regarding the degree of curvature coming from Dell for the Ultrasharp U3419W. But it has an immersive ultra-wide viewing experience with an excellent viewing range of 178 degrees, both vertically and horizontally, just as expected from an IPS display.

Dell U3416W Ultrasharp 34 side view

Multi-tasking just became a lot easier with this monitor. With the PIP- Picture in picture and PIB-Picture by picture modes, the user can easily view the content coming from two different computer sources at the same time. In addition to that, it comes with a KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch, which means the user can just use one keyboard and mouse for managing the content from two different PCs.

Colors and beyond

As an IPS monitor the new Dell Ultrasharp monitor counts on the colour accuracy as one of its selling points. According to Dell, the monitor display panel is built to cover 99% of the sRGB spectrum. This combined with the IPS display ensures that the user doesn’t miss out on tiny details and vibrant colours.

The luminance, which is the brightness per unit area is around 300 candelas per meter square. The contrast ratio is rated at around 1000:1.

The PC is not quite built for high-end gaming, as the monitor has a low refresh rate and it lacks adaptive sync and HDR features. Video playback is great, with the monitor considerably translating bright and true colours. Most videos are not calibrated to the aspect ratio of the monitor so it is likely that the viewing frame is limited by black bars on either side.

The monitor comes with a TUV-certified flicker-free screen with ComfortView, this ensures that the harmful blue-light emissions are blocked, so that the viewing experience is cool on the eyes, especially for an extended period of time.

It has dual speakers of 9W. If that is not what you want then to extend it, there is a 3.5 mm output audio port to connect external speakers or headphones.

Closing remarks about the Dell Ultrasharp 34 curved USB-C monitor U3419W

The new Dell Ultrasharp U3419W is a good monitor for business as it provides a spacious environment to work. Whether you want to work on a big spreadsheet or edit documents, photos or videos you have it covered. The monitor is not well-suited for gamers but can be used for casual gaming. It can be used for watching videos due to its good audio support. Although it can be used for entertainment, mainly it is a good substitute for a dual monitor setup and can be classified as an elite business monitor.

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