All about the WoW Skeletal Hand cursed item

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The World of Warcraft’s Skeletal Hand is a special cursed item that isn’t the easiest to find. In this version of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, the WoW Skeletal Hand can be discovered from Mardivas’ Universally Lauded Tote and Glimmering Chests in Nazjatar. This is an exclusive guide explaining how to locate and travel to Nazjatar, how to find the cursed item, and sell it for a big ol’ bag of gold.

The WoW Skeletal Hand is one of the three cursed items that can be collected in this location and binds when picked up. Being bound when picked up means that the item becomes soul-bound as soon as it is looted. It’s meant to damage and eventually kill the character holding it. For this reason, the item cannot be transferred to someone else or put into the auction house. The only options to get rid of it are by destroying or selling it. For all the effort put into scavenging for this hidden item, earning gold will be the primary goal in this guide.

The animated object is paired with a grueling curse that will cause unpleasant effects to adventurers who loot them. The Skeletal Hand WoW can be collected with three other rare objects and all sold to a specific merchant for a strapping financial reward, the Jingling Sack. The Skeletal Hand is unquestionably unique and cursed, but finding the Tortollan Gloomseeker Yarga will allow the adventurer to sell all three cursed items.

Pave a Path to Nazjatar after Completing Uniting Kul Tiras

Traveling to Nazjatar is the first challenge in finding this Skeletal Hand WoW. To be eligible for this quest, complete the “Uniting Kul Tiras” quest. Once completed, confirm following the war campaign that leads the adventurer to The Legendary Cloak and follow the Orange Quest Lines. Easy access to Nazjatar will appear once these obstacles are completed. Completing these challenges should provide a convenient portal to use to reach Nazjatar. If by any chance the player leaves Nazjatar and hasn’t completed all tasks to obtain the portal, the user can talk to the same NPC to return there. This is a repetitive shortcut in case there are uncompleted challenges that don’t allow the adventurer to achieve the simpler portal.

Search Nazjatar’s Hidden Chest for the WoW Skeletal Hand

In Nazjatar, the WoW Skeletal Hand will be found in one of the hidden chests in this location. The hidden chests can be searched when the adventurer is using the treasure-hunting buff from the Scrying Stone. The Scrying Stone allows the player to detect otherwise unseen treasures buried under the wet sands of Nazjatar. It lasts for five minutes. Experiment to find the item and it will reveal itself to the adventurer. When this object is in the adventurer’s position, be ready for a dreadful hit to the carrier’s health points.

WOW Skeletal Hand

This Skeletal Hand WoW is periodically cursed and damages the user’s health points throughout the time it is handled. There is a range of three curses that will affect the adventurer differently. The first is the Curse of the Tides: Decay, which reduces maximum health by 10% and lasts for two minutes. The second is the Curse of the Tides: Pressure, which raises the chance to be hit by a Critical Strike by 10% and lasts for three minutes. The last is the curse of the Tides: Dark Water, which can tick on the user for nearly 100% damage for the full length of time that is held. The WoW Skeletal Hand keeps the adventurer in critical condition and may kill the character before this special cursed item can be sold. Even if the player attempts to leave Nazjatar, the curse will continue damaging health. For this reason alone, the item should be placed into the bank until Gloomseeker Yarga is reached.

There are a total of three cursed items that can be sold in Nazjatar: the Entrusted Coin, Blind Eye, and the WoW Skeletal Hand. Withholding all of these items at the same time means triple the curses. They can stack on top of each other to lower health points extremely quickly. Once the items are attained, sell them straight away or instantly put them all in the bank. Only the Skeletal Hand WoW is important to this guide, but it is beneficial to have all of the curse items at the same time. Obtaining these three items count towards the achievement that can only be accomplished in Nazjatar. All three cursed items will result in gaining the Nazjatar achievement known as, “Give Me the Biggest Bag You’ve Got”.

The Hanging Reef and the Dive into Gloomseeker Yarga’s Underwater Cave

At this point, the adventurer is in Nazjatar carrying either the WoW Skeletal Hand on its own or all three cursed items together. The adventurer will run to an underwater cave near Mezzamare (the Alliance Hub) called The Hanging Reef. The specific coordinates are 39.11°, 57.74° for users to make sure they don’t miss it. To the right of the rightmost waterfall is the Reef, a pool fed by three waterfalls. As the adventurer heads towards the water, enemies may be following close behind and they’ll dive into the water, as well. Be sure to dive into the water with the adventurer’s allies as quickly as possible, then swim through the cave. This will reveal a secret location to walk again on ground while under the water.

Skeletal Hand WOW cursed item

Once back on two feet, defeat the enemy that followed the user. When it’s all clear, Gloomseeker Yarga the buyer now awaits the adventurer. The Tortollan character is a level 50 NPC that can only be found in Nazjatar. Talk to him and offer whichever item can be sold, specifically the WoW Skeletal Hand. In exchange for the cursed item, the user receives a Jingling Sack, which offers random gold rates. Gamers report that the average purchase provided 816g 68s 21c for the WoW Skeletal Hand. Players have also received amounts of gold anywhere between 300g to 1000g.

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