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Sticky Seaweed is located in Nazjatar and needs to be collected for the Requisition dailies. In Worlds of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Sticky Seaweed is one of the main requirements for every Requisition Gathering. The challenge presented is called “Requisition: We Need it All,” which requires the user to gather as many supplies as they can. The Requisition is dangerously low on supplies and the quartermaster needs as many supplies as possible, such as Fallen Kelp Bud, Pile of Flotsam, and Sticky Seaweed. Finding WoW Sticky Seaweed can be a tad difficult, but it is needed for a variety of Requisition dailies like “We Need it All” or “Requisition: More Seaweed,” which only requires five of them. This guide will exclusively lead players to find Sticky Seaweed resources much faster to complete the Requisition quests.

Gaining access to Nazjatar to begin the Requisition

First of all, players need to make sure that they have access to Nazjatar. The portal to this location requires completing the “Uniting Kul Tiras” quest. Follow the Legendary Cloak and Orange Quest Lines war campaigns. Once these are completed, access to Nazjatar will appear in the form of a direct portal. Instead of using the portal, users can also simply leave Nazjatar and speak to the same NPC to return there. Of course, the portal is a preferred shortcut to travel through.

Finding the patches of Sticky Seaweed in the Spears of Azshara

The user should now be in Nazjatar. Finding WoW Sticky Seaweed means finding the hidden place where it is most bountiful. At the southern end of Nazjatar is an abundant amount of Sticky Seaweed. Right below Newhome and Mezzamera, located around the Spears of Azshara, will be the path to collecting this resource. In this location, many Naga gathered together because this is where the World Quest is offered. The Sticky Seaweed is spread in patches amongst the location, but can be tough to find because they easily blend in with the ground. The resource also hides under rocks, around water, and is concealed by nearby grass. The user should explore even the most obscure areas, looking out for patches hiding tangled seaweed. Some gamers have reported that when they approach Sticky Seaweed, the patch may disappear. Requisitions are meant to be quite challenging so continue seeking the items out.

WOW Sticky Seaweed

The other resources required in the Requisitions are quite simple because they don’t move or disappear. A player will see it, click it, and collect it. But, WoW Sticky Seaweed behaves like it usually did on the first version of World of Warcraft, Mists of Panderia. When Sticky Seaweed is found in a patch on the ground, the player needs to click the patch when it is highlighted to grab a vine. Then, run away from the patch until the vine completely breaks. The collection process is surprisingly even easier than finding WoW Sticky Seaweed in the first place. The patches of seaweed are so well hidden that gamers may find the obstacle quite challenging. Don’t give up on searching and remember that this may be even more burdensome if multiple players are around.

When multiple players are around, the seaweed will become even more scarce. WoW Sticky Seaweed can only be collected by one person and that person is whoever gets there first. Whoever discovers the patch and breaks the vine first gains the item. There are a variety of strategies to combat the urgency of competition when collecting Sticky Seaweed.

Using basic targeting macros to track Sticky Seaweed

The method of basic targeting macros is a straightforward way to knock out competition. The player can use a targeting macro by saturating the area with it. Spam the entire location while exploring the areas with the highest spawn of WoW Sticky Seaweed. This strategy targets any seaweed patches that are in the surrounding ground. It gives users the ability to find large clumps of seaweed that are too camouflaged to see through eyesight alone. Macros can find the seaweed hiding under rocks, around foliage, or at the bottom of pools. Anything in range will be discovered and targeted, making it easier for the user to locate the resource. Make sure that the target icons are all active on the minimap while spreading the macros around the area because this will help the player see what is being targeted. If the target icons are not on, this strategy will not be able to reveal the Sticky Seaweed’s location.

wow sticky seaweed trap

Raid markers can also be paired in this method by adding them to the macro script. When raid markers are in the script, every patch of WoW Sticky Seaweed that the user finds will essentially be highlighted or marked with a raid icon. This will make it simpler to visually see what clumps of seaweeds have already been explored or not. The marker at default during this challenge would be set as a skull marker. Open the marker and change the number to change the marker from the skull to the raid icon.

Applying coordinates from Wowhead Commetors

Wowhead commenters have created so many methods and guides to reaching goals in this version of World of Warcraft. A user named “Sipder2” managed to share the coordinates of each and every single seaweed patch location. It can easily be found on the Wowhead website’s forum section. Should a player want to use all of this member’s coordinates, make sure to download the add-on Paste. Paste will allow gamers to enter in all of the recommended coordinates to create access waypoints for another add-on called TomTom. TomTom is a personal navigation assistant that provides functionality and directions when playing World of Warcraft.

  • /way 48,53, 74,74
  • /way 35,84, 70,46
  • /way 38,71, 69,02
  • /way 44,37, 59,57
  • /way 41,25, 57,81
  • /way 41,69, 57,34
  • /way 36,26, 80,06
  • /way 37,59, 83,20
  • /way 46,8, 49,8
  • /way 41,6, 57,2
  • /way 44,2, 59,4
  • /way 43,8, 67
  • /way 38,4, 66,2
  • /way 37,2, 68,2
  • /way 37,2, 71
  • /way 36,2, 79,8
  • /way 37,6, 83,2
  • /way 37,4, 85,4
  • /way 37, 82
  • /way 45,4, 82
  • /way 48,8, 86,6

At this point, it should be easier to discover clumps of WoW Sticky Seaweed in Nazjatar. Even though this resource is not as simple to obtain as the other resources in the Requisitions, it is special because it has the ability to be targeted. These quests will allow the user to earn more rep and therefore fly faster. As novice as the quests seem, they are crucial to continue maximizing reputation gains, so that larger challenges can present themselves to the player. The more rep earned, the better the offered quests will be.

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