How to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves race in World of Warcraft

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With the release of the latest World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth, players are now able to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves after a particular gameplay map. These playable characters are rewarded through gaining access to The Allied Race. The Allied Race is one of the five playable Allied Races available after the game’s expansion. The other four Allied Races are the Kul Tiran Humans, the Lightforged Draenel, the Mechagnomes, and the Void Elves. Thanks to the plenty of players who’ve quickly figured out how to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves, this guide will lead you to unlock them, too.

Steps to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves race:

1. Earn the Ready for War achievement and Exalted with 7th Legion

The key prerequisite here is making sure that you’re using an Alliance character at level 120. If you’re not there, this campaign won’t be offered quite yet. Once level 120 is attained, make sure that the character also has an exalted reputation in the 7th Legion, and with the Honorbound. After all of these components are accounted for, you’ll now be able to begin the campaign.

Dark Iron Dwarves

Step one is to complete the War Campaign in Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Due to the Human rep bonus, The Alliance may be ahead of the Horde in unlocking the most recent levels of the Allied Races. Be sure to complete the entire unlock chain because it rewards you with the Dark Iron Core Hound mount. Paladins are also able to unlock the Dorkforge Ram.

2. Blackrock Depths Challenge

At this point, The Dark Irons are trying to build a more authoritative relationship with the Alliance. King Anduin opens a discussion and asks the Dark Iron to dig up new information on Azerite. The partnership advances and they ask you to inspect what’s new at Blackrock Depths.

Once your character arrives at Blackrock Depths, walk with Moira to the Black Anvil. Queen Moira will speak about your ability to refine Azerite when you get there. At the arrival of the Black Anvil, your character should place some Azerite on the Anvil. After this, you’ll be warned of the spontaneous upcoming encounters. It’ll be time to defend the Anvil against a bunch of bad guys. The Dark Iron Dwarves will send one of their own to tell you that Goblins are patrolling the tunnels. Then, Moira will tell you to take the Dark Iron Highway, where you have to get rid of some of the Venture Co. Skyscorchers. Be sure to battle all of them!

Dark Iron Dwarves

Once the door opens, try to kill the two bosses from The Motherlode!! dungeon, Rixxa Fluxflame and her entire Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. Return to the Black Anvil to provide your team a damage report.

3. Enter the “Motherlode!!” dungeon

You’ll return to the Black Anvil, where Moira will tell you to annihilate Mogul Razdunk, The Motherlode!! dungeon’s final boss. Killing Mogul will lead you to recover Ironfoe. Now, Moira will ask for the hammer to be recovered, and you will launch into the next challenge.

The Motherlode!

4. Moira Recommends the Molten Core

Moira sends you to Molten Core. The Dark Irons need to restore the Black Anvil and your mission is to go to Molten Core and retrieve a small piece of it.

Entering the location, you’ll see a huge tank and villains everywhere. Climb into the tank and safely drive down to Ragnaros’ Lair. This is where the battle of Gezzrok the Keeper takes place. Once defeated, you’ve earned a piece of the Molten Core.

5. Ragnaros’ Firelands

In about three more steps, the Dark Iron Dwarves will become unlocked! This step needs to happen in the Firelands, where you’ll power up the Fragment of the Molten Core. Its power needs to be charged by Ragnaros’ swimming pool. The pool will be blocked off by a multitude of challenges.

You’ll first arrive in the Firelands with Anvil-Thans, but there will be some Dark Iron Dwarves blocking the bridge to Ragnaros’ lair. Continue bravely walking down the bridge with weapons in hand to slay Ragnaros’ cult. When you finally get near Ragnaros’ swimming pool, find High-Justice Grimstone.

WOW Dark Iron Dwarves

After confronting him, you’ll have to defeat him and get back to focusing on charging the Fragment of the Molten Core. This charge will fix the Black Anvil and allow you to continue looking for Grimstone, who is actively trying to brainwash new followers and needs to be stopped.

6. Repair the Anvil and return to the Stormwind Embassy

It’s time for the home run. After collecting all of the pieces, you need to return to Blackrock Depths to repair the Black Anvil. Make sure to get it fixed, then return to Stormwind and talk to Anduin. You’ll finally be given both the Dark Iron Core Hound mount and the Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf. Now, you’ve unlocked the characters and can officially create a Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race!

The dwarves are classic gameplay characters, known for being aggressive, disloyal, and highly focused. Naturally, they have a messy history with every other clan in World of Warcraft. But, they also have a deep knowledge of magic. They have a lot of battle history, such as igniting the War of the Three Hammers or fighting against the Alliance at one point. Yes, The Dark Irons once battled the Alliance and Horde while being in service to Ragnaros the Firelord. It’s important to mention that they happened to be under evil forces’ commands at the time.

Once the group of misfits became united and ruled by their high queen Moira Thaurissan, the clan seemed to break into factions. Though they became official members of the Alliance, only a particular group of dwarves joined Moira. The others refused to be a part of it. Dark Iron Dwarves are temperamental characters with a lot of development through gameplay, but the core of their mythical nature stays the same.

After following this guide, you will have unlocked the Dark Iron Dwarves, introduced in the version of Warcraft the Battle for Azeroth. These playable characters can now be used to strategically block raids and encounters, while increasing your primary stats.

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