Samsung Galaxy S22 Overview

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Every year for the past decade we have witnessed launch after launch of sharper, faster, some smaller and some bigger models of smartphones from all major communication technology companies, getting newer, smarter devices that will take part in our day to day. Each increment of capabilities and design in some cases, give us something to look forward to in the next year’s improvement list of possibilities. 

One of said communication technology companies in particular has been steadily adding a torrent of devices to their already great catalog. Samsung has certainly made their way into the smartphone market as a leading giant through their committed promotion of new -yearly now- Galaxy mobile series models, with newer, shinier and robust specs. 

And right on queue, the newest Galaxy model is here, and we have a lot to cover about it. The South-Korean giant has recently released its newest model to the market, and it does make you wonder, is it really more of the same or are we looking at a new approach with this model? It has not been long since the S22’s predecessor, the S21, was launched. Will this new model have a value proposition matching a price that grows on every iteration? 

The S22 family powerhouse 

All three new members of the Galaxy series for this year are the Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra and S22 Plus with quite the list of features to offer when it comes to design, camera and processing power. This new series maintains the brand’s legacy and design for the most part with the exception of the S22 Ultra, which is modelled after the late Galaxy Note set, that carried its name up until 2020. But our highlight for today will be the main flagship product, the Samsung Galaxy S22 specs and any of the all new add-ons worth mentioning. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Overview

Samsung Galaxy S22 specs round up 

Even if the S22 line is very similar to the preceding S21 there are many key points of interest on the newcomer that we will break down as the article progresses. Nevertheless, the current and full block of specifications for the Galaxy S22 is as impressive as the S21 was on its launch, including their price, being set at $800 as starting price in the US for the S22 and $1000 for the S22 Plus. Here are the full Samsung Galaxy S22 specs and the highlights we found more interesting. 


As mentioned, Samsung elected to preserve the basic look for the S22 branch with a sleek finish, narrow bezels, wide range screens and rounded corners, with the exception of the S22 Ultra since this one leaned towards boxy corners like the Note series, therefore our guess that these models will replace this line going forward. The entire housing of this line is made front and back with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on an aluminum frame with ultrasonic fingerprint readers under the display and IP68 water and dust resistance to keep everything on the inside well protected. 

Samsung has also opted to go even greener this year with repurposed fishing nets transformed into polyamide resin pellets, plastic from other repurposed post-consumer objects like CD cases and water bottles for the making material of inner components and a hundred percent recycled paper on their packaging, which is percentually much smaller as well. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Overview


The Samsung Galaxy S22 screen followed its predecessor in terms of screen size and design, but the display on the new unit has a few aces up it’s sleeve apart from its side and superb refresh rate. Topping the rather hefty measurement of 6.1 inches of screen surface, the S22 display houses 1300 nits of brightness on its Dynamic AMOLED screen, making this the brightness entry for the whole Galaxy series.  The S22 Ultra takes advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate and adds its own technology intelligence to scale it down all the way to 1Hz for seamless blending and smoother frame ratio when gaming. All three devices also favor the South-Korean brand’s newest “Vision Booster” technology that recognizes different lighting and adjusts the colors shown on the display to make them look better. 


As with the S21, the camera is also the biggest selling point for the new S22 family as it contemplates the three-sensor arrangement previously offered but now with a 50 MP main camera, 10 MP second camera and 12MP ultra-wide third lens for a balanced image and video capturing of beautiful quality. The S22 Ultra has been privileged with an additional 108MP sensor, adaptive Pixel technology and Samsung’s signature multi-frame processing tech for better and higher level of resolution on each take. A huge highlight on photo technology is that you will now be able to export photos with the RAW format, for the first time ever for any Samsung device. 

Samsung Galaxy S22

Other specs

Last on our round up of Samsung Galaxy S22 specs we have first the life support for the set. Retaining the smaller sizing of batteries, the S22 battery is just 3,7000 mAh against the 5000 mAh of the S22 Ultra which kept its limits in favor of a charging speed improvement. For the main S22 charging speed we see the same performance as the S21. Second, we should mention that the S22 family will be running One UI 4.1 on top of Android 12 through a 4nm processor with the Qualcomm’s snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip (for the US markets) and 8 GB of RAM to move it all the much faster. 

With all this hardware lined up throughout all Samsung Galaxy S22 specs we should mention a few of the software improvements as well, for balance, and because the S22 set will most likely prove rather efficient with higher throughput and lower latency (which are principal connectivity requirements) to run heavy data apps and games, 4K streaming among some other improved features we cannot wait to discover. 

With this new series offering the all-new Samsung’s Knox Vault for data security is included, as well as advanced handwriting to text features, working with faster recognition levels and up to 88 languages, adding twelve new more options to the past catalog. 

You can visit the official Samsung website to learn more about this new model.

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