Dowinx Gaming Chair Line-up Review

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Gaming chairs are a dime a dozen these days, especially with everyone being cooped up at home with nothing much to do, and for good reason. They’re not only fashionable and stylish, they’re also just legitimately good chairs when it comes to doing everything from office work to gaming. One of these options is the company Dowinx’s Gaming Chair line-up, which have been seeing rave reviews as of late.

So, maybe you’ve decided it’s about time to invest in a gaming chair, and you’re eyeballing the Dowinx Caming Chairs for their relatively affordable prices and eye-catching designs. Well, you’re in luck, as today we’ll be taking a deep dive into Dowinx’s Gaming Chairs, as well as our ultimate verdict on whether they’re worth your money or not. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!


The main focus of the Dowinx Gaming Chairs is to offer the highest quality possible without requiring customers to pay a huge premium for them. To this end, the gaming chairs on offer are all relatively affordable by gaming chair standards, and they’re designed in an ergonomic way as to ensure that the user remains comfortable over longer periods of time.

As of right now, the company has two main lines of gaming chairs, those being Classic Series 6668 and Classic Series 6689. They’re both not particularly expensive, with the Classic Series 6668 Gaming Chairs hovering around $199 and the Classic Series 6689 Gaming Chairs positioned higher with a $239 price tag.

The main difference between the two comes down to the 6689 having higher quality arm rests and a pleather finish over the 6668’s fabric finish. Aside from that, the two chairs aren’t really all too different, so we’ll only make note of differences if something about one particular chair significantly changes how it feels by comparison. So, how do they feel then?


When it comes to straight up comfort, the Dowinx Classic Series 6668 and 6689 are tough to beat within their price bracket. The chair cushions are plush and soft, especially in comparison to other gaming chairs at the $199 – $259 price bracket. It certainly helps that the chair’s seat is designed in such a way that anyone of any size can sit and find it comfortable.

There’s a lot to like here, especially with the nice soft back and neck cushions on the chairs. When it comes to the arm rests, the 6689 definitely has superior ones as they’re larger, padded and more plush. Despite that, the 6668’s arm rests aren’t slouches. They’re perfectly adequate and feel fine when you’re resting your arms on them, they’re just average and not anything special.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Line-up Review

When it comes to how well the chair supports your body, it stays comfortable over a long period of use. No noticeable pains arise thanks to the way the chair hugs your body. There’s also the included lumbar pillow that helps a lot in terms of keeping things ergonomic and suitable for long usage sessions. Both chairs are solid in this regard.

There’s also the retractable footrest on both gaming chairs, which is always a nice touch. They’re not exactly the best quality footrests because they don’t hold up incredibly well to pressure and can be pushed down without much difficulty. Still, reclining footrests at this price point are rare, and the fact that the Dowinx Gaming Chairs have them at all is a strong point for them.


Another big point in favor of the Dowinx Gaming Chairs are the sheer flexibility they have when it comes adjustments. Most gaming chairs within this price range have poor degrees of adjustability, with most not even having basic features like adjustable arm rests. To this end, the Dowinx Gaming Chairs both shine and deliver perfectly.

Both Dowinx Gaming Chairs feature reclining backs, allowing users to lie back and relax whenever they’d like. On top of that, you also get the aforementioned footrest, giving the player the option to fully lie down on their chair if needed. We’ve got adjustable arm rests as well, meaning the Dowinx Gaming Chairs succeed on the basic level that most cheap gaming chairs do not.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Dowinx Gaming Chairs also has a rocker function, meaning that the chair moves and conforms along with how you move. It adjusts itself accordingly, allowing for maximum comfort and support without the need to make micro adjustments yourself. It’s definitely convenient and useful to have on a gaming chair like this.


Definitely an interesting category, but one that’s important to talk about. When it comes to gaming chairs, it’s always important that it can properly breathe and regulate heat, lest your chair suddenly become too cold or too hot. It can lead to bad performance, not just when it comes to gaming but also just in general with work and whatnot.

To this end, the Dowinx Classic Series 6668 chair with its fabric finish doesn’t have too much of a problem with the cold. It stays nice and warm, despite how cold the room can get. On the other hand, because of its fabric nature, the gaming chair struggles a bit more when it comes to heat, as it absorbs hear quickly and can get warm fast. Thankfully, it also regulates quickly, so it’s not too bad.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Line-up Review

Meanwhile, the Dowinx Classic Series 6689 gaming chair faces some trouble in this department because of its nature as a PU leather chair. To be fair, most chairs in this price range also feature PU leather, and as a result they have the same issues with breathability. It’s not the worst thing ever, but if you stay somewhere that’s very hot or intensely cold, you’ll want to keep this in mind.


In terms of value, both Dowinx Gaming Chairs are excellent. We don’t even have too much to say, because the chairs basically speak for themselves. Both come with an excellent line-up of features and solid build quality, and for the price you’re not going to find much better than this.


The Dowinx Gaming Chairs pride themselves on offering premium features at an affordable price, and they deliver on this quite well. While there are some small issues with both gaming chairs, they’re unbeatable at the price. It certainly helps that they both look pricier than they are. Features like adjustable arm rests and rocking add extra value to the gaming chairs, and they get a healthy recommendation from us.

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  1. Got mine about a month ago. After a year of researching the best chairs online I am very pleased with my choice in Dowinx.

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